Molkki 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Molkki 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Suraj talks to his manager over the phone. Bhoomi makes her bed on the floor. Suraj questions her about the sofa. Bhoomi says that it was having some issues, so the servant removed it. She says that Nirma asked him to do so. Suraj thinks in his mind that Nirma’s wish won’t get fulfilled. Suraj asks Bhoomi to sleep in bed, and she wishes to sleep on the floor.

Bhoomi says that she is comfortable. Suraj opposes saying Thakurain can’t sleep on the floor. They have a cute argument. At last, Suraj convinces Bhoomi to sleep on the bed with him. Bhoomi looks tensed. Suraj keeps pillows in between to make her feel comfortable. Bhoomi agrees. Suraj asks her to keep an envelope in the wardrobe.

Molkki 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Molkki 2 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhoomi praises the envelope. Suraj claims that Rimjhim created it, and she is equally talented in both academics and the arts. He says that he and Pallavi had many unfulfilled dreams, which Rimjhim is pursuing now. He also informs Bhoomi that Rimjhim is the topper. He wishes to give her the envelope as a gift.

He sleeps. Bhoomi thinks that Rimjhim is on the wrong track. Sangram orders Manik and Gagan to clean his shoes. Gagan follows his order. Sangram asks Manik to join Gagan. Manik stands silent. Sangram kicked Gagan. Sangram tries to molest Manik. He asks Manik to surrender herself to him.

Gagan protests. Sangram beats Gagan and threatens Manik. Manik cries as she feels helpless and apprehensive. Suraj praises Rimjhim and gives her the envelope. Rimjhim plans to celebrate with the money. Nirma suggests she donate the money to the temple. Bhoomi suggests that Rimjhim donate blankets to the needy with the money. Nirma and Pallavi support Bhoomi’s statement. Nirma says that she is going out of town for two days. She asks Rimjhim to give her money so she can do what Bhoomi wants. Rimjhim gets angry at Bhoomi. She unwillingly gives away the money to Nirma. Nirma leaves.

Rimjhim says that she is not yet satisfied because she wants to help more people. She wishes to take advantage of the opportunity. Bhoomi says there’s no need to go anywhere and instructs Rimjhim to start the charity at home. Pallavi gets clueless. Bhoomi asks Rimjhim to accompany her. Dadi throws away the stuff in anger. Bhoomi, Rimjhim, and Pallavi come there.

Bhoomi says that Dadi wants to spend time with Rimjhim and asks Rimjhim to stay with Dadi the whole day. Pallavi agrees. Dadi becomes happy. Later, Rimjhim lashes out at Bhoomi for being over-smart and asks her to stay away. Bhoomi says that she cares for her dear and near ones. Bhoomi suggests that Rimjhim not cheat and hurt her own family. Dadi calls Rimjhim. Rimjhim leaves.

Bhoomi prays to God to give Rimjhim good senses. Bhoomi works in the kitchen with servants. Suraj comes there and sends away the servants. Bhoomi says that she didn’t make any mistakes this time. Suraj tells her that he has brought a gift for her that is in their room.

He leaves. Rimjhim comes and hugs Bhoomi. She accepts her mistakes and thanks Bhoomi for showing her the right path. She wishes to decorate Bhoomi’s room and goes there with Bhoomi. They find the gift. Rimjhim shows off the gift to Bhoomi. Bhoomi gets shocked upon seeing a top and ripped jeans as a gift. The episode ends.


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