Molkki 2 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Molkki 2 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nirma coming to talk to Sooraj. She tells how Bhoomi’s eyes have been searching for him. Nirma asks him to go and meet Bhoomi. Bhoomi thinks she is feeling very low and lost amongst all the grandeur of the haveli. She hears Sooraj coming, so she covers her face.

Sooraj appears and apologizes for his absence from the rituals. He says that he wants her to know the reality of their relationship. Sooraj tells her she can own anything in Haveli except him. Sooraj tells her he can never love her, and that their marriage is just business for him.

Molkki 2 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update
Molkki 2 25th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Sooraj leaves the room, and Bhoomi follows him. She sees him from upstairs and realizes he is the same person who had dropped her off at the collector’s office and had broken all her murutis. She thinks that if he hadn’t broken them, she wouldn’t have become Molkki. Bhoomi gets ready and is lost in her thoughts when Dadi calls her. She scolds her for not having manners and tells her to touch the elder’s feet when she sees them. Bhoomi does the same.

Bhoomi tells Dadi about how Sooraj rejected her as his wife. Dadi laughs and says she knew he would do this. Dadi says she won the challenge against Pallavi. Bhoomi is confused. Nirma comes and asks what challenge Dadi is talking about. Dadi says she has already said Sooraj will never accept Bhoomi. She eats some nuts and falls sick. Nirma asks if she skipped her medicines. Servants accompany Dadi to his room.

Nirma tells Bhoomi not to tell anyone about this, and she will gradually come to know everything. She asks her to freshen up and have food. Nirma gives medicine to Dadi. Sooraj anxiously comes there and asks if she is fine. Nirma says she was overjoyed at winning the challenge. She asks Sooraj to have a mere understanding of what Bhoomi is going through, and he should not have broken her heart like that. Sooraj says it would be better if Bhoomi knew the limitations of their relationship.

Bhoomi takes breakfast and sits down on the floor to eat. Pallavi and Vikash come there and ask why she is sitting on the floor. Bhoomi claims she is accustomed to eating while seated on the floor. Vikash tells her to change her habits or else others will think of her as a servant. Pallavi asks her to feel bad and makes her sit beside her.

She gives Bhoomi two lockets of Mata Rani and asks to give one to Sooraj before sunset. Bhoomi sits in the temple and talks to the goddess about making a joke of her life. When she notices Sooraj leaving, she summons him to hand over the locket. She pursues him and is surprised to find him in a red-light district. Sooraj goes and gets a girl and forces her to sit in his car. The episode ends with Bhoomi returning to the haveli and telling Nirma about what happened.


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