Molkki 2 18th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Molkki 2 18th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bhoomi finding Laddoo in the whole village, but no one has seen him around. She feels helpless and wonders what to do. She trips over a rock and falls to the ground. She remembers her father’s words that they should not have any expectation of help from anyone else.

Sundarlal begins to manipulate Manik into agreeing to the Molkki. Pallavi and Vikash come back from their trip after getting blessings from Mata Rani. She says that she had prayed for Sooraj to win the wrestling match, and he won the whole tournament. Nirma asks her if she prayed for what she had said and says they haven’t gotten an answer from the house she has chosen Molkki from.

Molkki 2 18th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Nirma Devi gets a call that she has agreed to meet Molkki. She gets elated and says now she will go to greet Sangram Singh to give him the good news. Bhoomi is walking around to find Laddoo and shouts his name. Laddoo, who is tied nearby, hears her voice and tries to give Bhoomi a signal that he is there. Bhoomi thinks someone is inside and is about to go there when another girl comes and asks her to immediately go to her house as there is an emergency.

Bhoomi reaches home and finds Sundarlal crying out. He says that Manik consumed poison. They hurry to take her to the hospital. They cannot find any doctors around. Bhoomi asks the ward boy, who informs her that all the doctors are attending the inauguration of the new ward. Sooraj Thakur announces the new super-specialty ward and says they can treat more diseases with better facilities. Bhoomi goes to call the doctor and wonders for whom they need to leave their work. She sees Sooraj and thinks he had broken her idols earlier and is now wasting their time.

Bhoomi asks the doctor to come, as her sister is seriously ill. Later, Sooraj asks all the doctors why they came together and tells them to go see patients. Nirma Devi comes to meet Urvashi and Sangram Singh and gifts them a torn blanket. She says soon Sooraj will get his Molkki done, and then they need to go and beg on the road. Urvashi gets annoyed and Sangram loses control, but Vikash stops him. The doctor at the hospital says Manik is critical and that he needs to run tests to see if the baby is okay. Bhoomi tells him he must be mistaken.

The doctor confirms Manik is three months pregnant. Sundarlal gets angry and scolds Manik. She tells Bhoomi about her lover, Gagan, and how he is falsely accused in a drug case and is in jail. Bhoomi promises Manik that she won’t let her become a Molkki and will get her married to Gagan. Vikash comes to meet Sangram Singh and tells them how he is on their side and apologizes for his behavior. He says Sooraj has still not agreed to take Molkki. The episode ends with Sangram Singh asking Vikash to find information about Molkki.


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