Molkki 2 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Molkki 2 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bhoomi touching Suraj’s feet. He tells her what she is doing, and Bhoomi shows her gratitude because of the respect and trust he shows in her. Suraj says she deserves it, and what she has done for his family is more than this. Suraj goes to sleep. Bhoomi touches the blood oozing from his wound and fills her hairline like sindoor. She imagines her parents telling how Suraj is precisely the kind of husband they had wanted for Bhoomi, and now their souls can finally get free.

Leela gets Bhoomi ready for Holi. Bhoomi says she should wear something light, or it will get dirty, but Leela smiles and makes her wear jewelry. Pallavi comes there and tells if Bhoomi is ready; she makes her wear a big necklace and earrings. Bhoomi is confused, but Pallavi says a surprise is arranged for her. Bhoomi gets happy thinking Suraj is doing so much for her. Bhoomi gets pleasantly surprised to see all things related to idol-making. Pallavi tells since she loves doing sculpture, Suraj has built this art studio for her and wants her to restart her idol-making.

Bhoomi gets elated and says her dream has suddenly come true. Nirma says there is a bigger surprise for her. Bhoomi gets stunned to see the great idol maker Vishnu whom she has always idolized there. He says that Suraj has shown Bhoomi’s art piece to him, and she doesn’t need to learn from anyone; instead, she can teach art to others. Nirma says Vishnuji will do the inauguration of Bhoomi’s art studio.

Nirma asks Rimjhim to bring colors and apply them to each other for Holi. Vikash feels annoyed that all are focused on Bhoomi and didn’t even ask him once. Urvashi and villagers gather there. Sarpanch asks why Suraj has called them. Urvashi says he must have called to punish Bhoomi in front of everyone. Urvashi comes and sees everyone happily playing holi. She starts bad-mouthing Bhoomi’s character.

Suraj comes and shuts her up. He says Bhoomi went to the lodge with noble intentions and deserves more respect. He describes how Urvashi had paid the media to publish fake news about Bhoomi. Nirma taunts Urvashi, and Pallavi asks her to apply colors because Urvashi is their guest. Nirma uses black color and laughs at Urvashi.

Bhoomi thanks Suraj for doing so much for her. Suraj says he should thank her instead. He applies color to her face and asks Bhoomi to use paint on him too. Bhoomi feels happy. Later, Bhoomi thinks it’s a good day to do puja for the pitra shanti and thinks to do the same for Kumud. She asks Vikash about it. He believes Bhoomi doesn’t know Kumud’s truth and encourages her to do puja. He even calls Suraj.

Suraj asks Bhoomi why she called him. Bhoomi tells him about puja. Suraj gets angry and says Kumud is not dead. The episode ends with Bhoomi thinking that Suraj loves Kumud so much that he cannot accept her death.


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