Mere Sai 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Santa asks Banta why is he so happy. Banta tells him, Kulkarni and his family will be out of town, so before he comes we will introduce Sudha to the fake person as she never had seen Kulkarni, Kulkarni had given me 500 I just spent 1₹ where is remaining. Santa says I have forgotten where I hide it, I will return when I remember where I hide it.
Banta says I have an idea, come with me.

Sai walks to the man in pain and looks at his hands and asks do your hands pain a lot. He says yes they don’t work but just keep painting and this has been done for years. Sai applies ash to his hand and his pain goes away. Santa gets changed and Santa Banta goes to a halwai to convince him to act. They go near him and start talking, Santa says I am going to give you something that will make you rich overnight. Halwai asks Santa what will make him reach. Santa says why should I tell you. Halwai says come in, have some sweets.

Mere Sai 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Halwai gives them Jalebi and says we know each other for a long, tell me what is it. Santa shows him a nominal stone and calls it Paras stone and says I will rub this copper ring it will change to gold. Santa tricks Halwai and he falls for it. Halwai asks charges of the stone. Santa says 100₹. The man tells Sai, his pain is gone but the hands are not functional, can’t he get his hands back? Sai says only God can help you, if you have done a mistake and are not paid for its consequences you won’t move ahead and if you want to work on it come visit me in Shirdi.

Halwai says he doesn’t have 100₹ only 50₹. Santa says okay take it for 50₹ we can do this for you as we have eaten so much from you. Halwai says you two never give discounts on anything and now straight away 50% is there any trick? Santa drops a copper ring by mistake. Halwai picks it. Santa Banta runs away. Banta scolds Santa for being irresponsible and says now you will act as Kulkarni Sarkar and leaves.

Chandu donates some blankets from Patil at Dixit Vada, he sees Radha feeding Mangal, and Halwa and he loves it. Radha says all this spread is for you. Mangal says aunty I can’t eat all this. Radha says you must have not eaten anything so have this. Chandu thinks she is so loving and caring. Shila Bai feeds Kushal and says sorry I couldn’t get you yummy things. Kushal says I loved chutney and bhakri. Udhav sees Shila sacrifice her bhakri for Kushal and says only a mother can do this.

Kushal and Mangal both cough and Shila and Radha give them water. Radha thinks about Kushal and says will that lady take care of Kushal as I do. Mangal says don’t worry my Aai will take care of Kushal. Shila tells Kushal she is sure that both are her kids. Radha says I can’t stay without Kushal I am going to meet Sai. Shila Bai tells Kushal, she wants her kids and decides to meet Sai. Santa and Banta find the money and they have appointed an actor to take place of Kulkarni.

Mere Sai 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

The actor tells Santa Banta if Kulkarni finds this he won’t spare us. Santa says you are an artist and artists shouldn’t be scared. Sudha walks in with her mother. Santa and Banta welcome them and make them sit. Banta calls Kulkarni out. Radha tells Shila Bai that because of you I am away from my child, God knows how you have raised my son in poverty.

Shila Bai says don’t cross your lines, you have stolen my son, both start arguing. Udhav calls Sai. Sai walks to them and asks them to calm down. Sai says you two don’t know who the real mother is and so now the kids will find their real mother, meanwhile have this Prasad and asks them to pray, and tomorrow God will let us know who the real mother is.

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