Meet 8th February 2023 Written Episode Episode Update

Meet 8th February 2023 Written Episode Episode Update: The episode starts with the whole family being shocked at seeing Shagun under the veil. Manmeet appears murderous to Meet, while everyone begins to care for Shagun. Shagun cries and says that she tried making them see through the veil but couldn’t. Jashodha asks how she got there.

Shagun says that she was in the parlor for make-up when the police kidnapped her and replaced her with Meet when Manmeet was busy repairing the vehicle. Manmeet angrily confronts her for playing with them. Meet claims that he duped her entire family and that this is nothing in comparison. She says that they can never keep her caged with anything.

Meet 8th February 2023 Written Episode Episode Update
Meet 8th February 2023 Written Episode Episode Update

Meet 8th February 2023 Written Episode Episode Update

Manmeet says that just because she didn’t wear mangalsutra and sindoor doesn’t change the fact that she’s married to him and the daughter-in-law of Jashodha. Meet takes the mangalsutra, chunri, and sindoor and gives them to Manmeet, saying that she doesn’t value the marriage, nor does it have legal standing. She says that nothing can stop her anymore. Sarkar thinks that she is always two steps ahead of them.

His son tries to scare Meet when Meet says that a police force is waiting outside, and if she doesn’t return in 30 minutes, then they themselves will enter and finish their game. He acts unaffected, but Sarkar calms him down.

Meet asks the photographer if he recorded it all, as she needs to show the villagers what a woman is capable of doing when she puts her mind to it. She rides away on her bike, while Jashodha declares that she has defeated them yet again. Manmeet asks her not to worry, as he will make sure that she comes back to the place.

Meet comes to Ahlawat’s house and wonders how she will reveal the truth to the family. She thinks that they will completely lose trust in others when they learn the truth. She enters to find SP already narrating everything to Raj and Babita, who were horribly shocked. He narrates how they kidnapped him in order for him not to interrupt the wedding.

Meet 8th February 2023 Written Episode Episode Update

Babita faints, and Meet rushes to her. She recalls how she blackmailed Meet emotionally to marry Manmeet. She breaks down, saying that she could never be a good mother to Meet. She says she believed Manmeet and ruined Meet’s life completely. Meet says that it’s not her fault and asks her not to blame herself for it. She says that they need to resume the factory project to get Meet’s dream completed.

Raj says that he made a blunder and shows her the papers where he named 50% of the factory property in Manmeet’s name. Manmeet shows it to Babita and Raj and tells them that Meet will be back soon. They get elated. Meet still wants to go ahead with the factory building, but Raj says that it’s not possible. He says that they are very dangerous people, and they can’t let her life be at risk. She wants to fulfill Meet’s dream, but Raj suggests she leave the place and go somewhere else.


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