Meet 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat knocking out the terrorist. Meet Ahlawat and Meet hide the terrorist. Masum and Ishani knock on Sunaina’s door. Masum shows the video to Sunaina after she comes out. Masum says everything is wrong. Ishani says Meet is stuck in the hospital with the terrorists.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to get to her work. Meet reminds Meet Ahlawat that the terrorists might be suspicious if one of their members is not seen. Meet Ahlawat says he will think of something. Sunaina asks Masum and Ishani if anyone in the house knows about this. Masum says they don’t know.

The chief terrorist tells the hostages to stop the Bajan. Meet notices that no sound of Bajan is coming and stops breaking the wall. The doctor says to the Chief terrorist that there is only one way to save the patient and i.e if they replace the patient’s failed kidney with another kidney. The chief terrorist says he will get a new kidney soon and asks the hostages who are going to give him the kidney.

Sunaina, Masum, and Ishani try to go to Babita and tell this news but Raj and Ram stop them and say if Babita knows about this then she will be worried about the Meet. Sunaina says at least Meet Ahlawat should know about this. Ram says Meet Ahlawat knows that Ragini and Meet are stuck in the hospital and he went to save them.

The chief notices that no 2 missing and asks the woman terrorist to look for him. Meet Ahlawat stops the woman terrorist and says no 2 is having stomach pain and he is in the washroom. The chief terrorist thinks they need to first concentrate on the commander. No 3 advises the chief that Meet is already dead and they can use her kidney. The chief asks the doctor to prepare for the kidney transplant. The chief asks Meet Ahlawat where is Meet’s body. Meet Ahlawat says he will take them there.

Meet Ahlawat tells Ragini that Meet is in Room no 4 and asks Ragini to stop Meet’s work and ask Meet to act as a dead body in Room no 3. Meet Ahlawat goes with the chief terrorist. The reporters come to the Ahlawat mansion. They question Ram and Raj about how they feel as their family ladies are stuck in the hospital. Babita comes and sees the reporters. The reporters question Babita about how she feels as Ragini and Meet are stuck in the hospital with the terrorists. Babita says to the reporters they are mistaken.

Ragini is shown to be searching room No 3 for Meet. Meet Ahlawat tries to take the chief and woman terrorist the wrong way to give some time to Ragini but the woman terrorist notices they are going the wrong way and asks Meet Ahlawat about it. Meet Ahlawat covers it up and takes them to Room no 3. Meet Ahlawat sees that Meet is acting like a dead body and takes Meet and puts her on a stretcher. Meet Ahlawat thinks the doctor will find out that Meet is alive once he checks her pulse and thinks he has to do something.

The reporters show the news bit in which Meet is shown in the news. Babita understands Meet and Ragini are stuck in the hospital. Raj asks Ram to send the reporters away. Ram sends the reporters away. Babita gets shocked seeing this. Meet Ahlawat acts as if he had stomach pain and says he can’t take the body.

The chief terrorist says Meet Ahlawat can’t do it and asks the woman terrorist to take Meet’s body. Meet Ahlawat thinks this is the chance and leaves from there. Babita questions Raj why did he hide that Meet and Ragini are stuck in the hospital with the terrorists? Babita understands Meet Ahlawat also knows this and recalls what happened when he was eating food and tells about it Raj.

Meet Ahlawat puts the sofa as an obstacle for the chief in their way. The chief seeing this pushes the sofa out of the way with the woman terrorist. Meet Ahlawat takes this chance and hides in the Meet stretcher below Meet. Raj consoles Babita and says assures Babita that nothing will happen to Meet, Meet Ahlawat and Ragini as Meet Ahlawat promised him that he would bring them back safely.

The chief terrorist brings Meet to the doctor and asks him to save the commander. The doctor agrees. The chief terrorist leaves there. Meet Ahlawat comes out of the stretcher and closes the doctor’s mouth so that he doesn’t shout. Meet Ahlawat and Meet reveal their plan to the doctor and asks for his help to delay the operation. The doctor says there is no use and says the commander is dead. Meet thinks if the chief knew that their commander is dead what would he do?

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