Meet 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet looking at the burnt Kurta and talking about hearts. Meet visits, Manmeet. “Meet,” recalls Manmeet. Manmeet thinks he never thought it would be this easy to trap Meet and laughs to himself. Meet sees Manmeet laughing to himself and thinks of what happened. Meet comes and slaps Manmeet. Manmeet shouts at Meet.

Meet yells at Manmeet to shut up. Meet tells Manmeet to go and tell his family that this slap is not only on him but also on his family for deceiving them. Babita asks Manmeet what happened. Meet reveals to Babita that Manmeet is Sarkar’s son, and he married Meet to take revenge on her for his mother. Babita questions Manmeet about what Meet said. Manmeet says it is true and asks Meet to do what she wants.

Meet 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Meet 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet removes the Varmaala and declares that she does not believe in the marriage because he cheated on her before marrying her. Manmeet says he will believe it, and Sarkar will believe it, and that’s enough for them. Babita falls unconscious upon seeing this. Meet comes out of her dream and sees that Manmeet is taking blessings from Raj and Babita.

Gunvanthi applies Samrani incense to Yashoda’s hair and tells her that she will complete her revenge vow today and that Guvanthi made many things because she is about to break her fast. Swapna asks Molki to give whatever she has. Molki throws the plate to Swapna. The plate falls to the ground. Yashoda gets disturbed. Raj asks Babita, “Why is she crying today?”

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Babita says these are happy tears and says Manmeet is going to take care of Meet just like Meet Ahlawat used to take care of Meet. Yashoda comes to Swapna and asks Swapna if the plate has fallen from her hands. Yashoda asks Swapna to pick up the Chapathi roller and give it to her.

Swapna gives the Chapathi roller to Yashoda. Yashoda reminds Swapna that this is Sarkar’s sleeping time and hits Swapna for throwing the plate down. Yashoda sees Molki laughing and also hits her with the Chapathi roller, then scolds both of them as they couldn’t give birth to a boy. Yashoda tells them to get to work.

Manmeet and Meet come downstairs. Yashoda calls Mahindra. Yashoda asks Mahindra to call a shooting camera guy and says they are going to make a film on Meet that shows the Sarkarpur people how they will be treated if a woman goes against Sarkar. Mahindra agrees and goes to get the camera guy. Yashoda tells herself that today the women of Sarkarpur will see shackles on Meet as well as the punishment for going against Sarkar.

A woman says to Meghana that they know this will happen to Meet as she is coming to Sarkar’s house. Meghana says she knows Meet and says Meet will not bow her head that easily. According to the other woman, no one has ever stood up and beaten Sarkar. Meet thinks to herself that all of Manmeet’s care is just an act of revenge on her. Meet thinks to herself, “How can I not see all this?” Meet thinks Manmeet didn’t just deceive her; he also deceived her family.

Meet 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Babita says to Manmeet that he is a good guy, just like her son Ahlawat. Meet thinks Babita is seeing Meet Ahlawat in Manmeet and blindly trusting him. Babita asks Meet to be careful. Meet says she will be careful and that she will allow nothing to happen to herself or them.

Meet resolves to hold Manmeet accountable for his actions. Raj tells Meet that from now on it’s going to be a new chapter in her life and asks her to fulfill her responsibilities. Babita asks Manmeet and Meet to stay in this house. Manmeet says no and says a guy needs to stand on his own two feet and says they gave Meet to him, i.e., enough for him.


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