Meet 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet while exercising, thinking of his mother’s revenge. Manmeet thinks today he will complete his revenge after marrying Meet by bringing her to Sarkar’s house. Manmeet sees that Gunvanthi is calling him and takes the call.

Shagun video calls Manmeet from Gunvanthi’s phone and tells him she did a Vrath so he can exact his revenge. Manmeet comments on Shagun. Manmeet asks Shagun why she called from Gunvanthi’s phone. Shagun makes up a reason.

Meet 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Gunvanthi asks Shagun if she told Manmeet that she lost his phone at Meet’s house. Shagun says she didn’t. Gunvanthi says her marriage to Manmeet will definitely happen. Gunvanthi leaves there. Shagun hopes that Meet doesn’t find her phone. The Pandit is shown to be doing Pooja in the Ahlawat house. The pandit has instructed us to gather for puja.

Shagun and SP Bhati’s pooja recalls bring them together. Meet thinks something is going on. Meet tries to call SP Bhati, but gets the message that his phone is switched off. Babita asks Meet if the puja is finished. Babita sees that Meet is on the phone and comments on him. Meet tries to call SP Bhati again, but she gets the same message.

The Pandit calls Meet to sit in the Mandap. Ragini and Ishani bring Meet to the Mandap. Yashoda orders Pandit to begin Havan because his son is on his way to Sarkar’s mansion with his one-day wife. Yashoda says her biggest defeat is going to become her biggest victory. Manmeet helps Meet stand beside her.

The pandit asks Meet and Manmeet to wear each other’s varmala. Ishani gives them Varmaala. Manmeet puts Varmaala on Meet. Meet wears Varmaala on Manmeet. All the people bless Manmeet and Meet. Ragini helps Meet sit down. Manmeet sits beside Meet. SP Bhati attempts to free himself from the ropes. The Pandit says to start the Kanyadaan ritual.

Meet 4th February 2023 Written Episode Update

As Meet’s father, Raj performs the Kanyadaan ritual. Raj gives his word to Manmeet that she will make him happy. Raj asks Manmeet to take care of Meet. SP Bhati unties one of his hands and realizes he needs to go tell Meet that Manmeet is Sarkar’s son before they finish Phere. After the Kanyadaan ritual, they do the alliance ritual.

Babita ties the knot between Manmeet and Meet and blesses them. SP Bhati flees by sanding Sarkar’s eyes. Meet begins to do Phere. Yashoda says to herself that Meet will go with Manmeet, but she will go in Manmeet’s shoes. Yashoda tears apart Meet’s poster and throws it in the fire. All of Sarkar’s ladies do offer sacrifice in the havan.


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