Meet 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat getting scared seeing a snake. The chief comes and asks where are the rest of the ladies. No 3 says they are preparing Laddoo for the marriage. The woman terrorist asks Ragini what is she hiding. The woman terrorist asks Ragini to open her hand. The woman terrorist sees Laddoo in Ragini’s hand. Ragini says she was hungry so she took a laddoo to eat.

The woman terrorist says to Ragini to prepare laddoo in 10 min if not she will give her a bullet to eat. Ragini asks the terrorist not to do that. Meet Ahlawat thinks to himself that he should not panic. Meet Ahlawat praises to snake goddess that he doesn’t mean any harm to her and he is just trying to save Meet and the other hostages. Ragini mixes the anesthesia in the laddoo. Ragini warns the other woman that this tray is for the terrorists.

Meet 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The snake leaves from there. Meet Ahlawat goes from there seeing this. The chief terrorist tells the woman to complete these rituals quickly. Ragini says they will do the Haldi ritual. Meet says to Ragini that she is going to do all the rituals with Meet Ahlawat in her mind and heart. Meet Ahlawat gets hurt as he steps on a nail. Meet Ahlawat tries to take it off. The woman terrorist teases No 3. No 3 says he still can’t believe that he is getting married. Chanda encourages Meet saying after some time all the terrorists will be unconscious.

Meet thinks of Meet Ahlawat and her having a romantic moment. Meet and Meet Ahlawat both express their love for each other. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that he is in her heart and says if she wants she can ask him anything and he will answer all her questions. Meet Ahlawat applies Haldi on Meet. Meet Ahlawat teases Meet. Meet also tries to apply Haldi on Meet Ahlawat. Meet and Meet Ahlawat and have a romantic moment.

Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to promise him that she will always love him the same way. Meet says no and says she will love him more than this. Meet comes out of her daydream when the chief terrorist asks if the Haldi ritual is over. No 3 requests the chief if they can dance as it is a wedding. The chief terrorist agrees. No 3 feels elated and invites Meet to dance. Meet Ahlawat does simple first aid to his feet and goes forward in the tunnel.

The police and the reporters hear the sound of Dhol and think of what is happening in the hospital. Meet Ahlawat encourages himself and thanks Meet for reminding him that she is with him. Meet Ahlawat gets up and says to himself that he is coming to Meet in his heart. Chanda serves laddoo to the terrorists. Meet thinks once the terrorists eat these laddoos they will be unconscious and they can leave here. Chanda serves laddoos to the chief terrorist.

Meet 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The chief terrorist takes the laddoo. Meet takes a laddoo and feeds it to No 3. The chief terrorist hears a phone ringing and stops the celebration to find out where the phone is ringing. The chief terrorist finds the phone. The chief terrorist asks the hostages whose phone is this. A woman comes out saying it is her phone. It is shown that the woman messaged his boyfriend about their plan.

Her boyfriend messages her asking the woman if the terrorists ate the laddoo and if they all became unconscious or not. The chief terrorist tells his men to throw the laddoo away saying there is anesthesia in it. The chief terrorist understands that it is Meet’s plan after seeing the messages on the phone. The chief terrorist tells the woman terrorist to punish Meet. The woman terrorist hits Meet with the back of the gun.

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