Meet 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Meet calling Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat doesn’t pick up the call. No 3 sees that Meet is missing and questions the hostages about where did Meet go? No 3 threatens to kill a woman and she says to No 3 that Meet went in that direction. Meet Ahlawat thinks about why is he getting these many calls from the landline. Meet Ahlawat tries to call the landline. No 3 comes to Meet and asks her what is she doing here.

No 3 asks Meet to come with her and celebrate with them. Meet asks No 3 if he knows what they have to do for the marriage. The chief terrorist comes and asks No 3 to trust Meet as she tried to escape from them 2 times. Meet reminds the chief terrorist that she already agreed to the marriage. The chief terrorist asks Meet if she doesn’t think about her husband. Meet says to the chief terrorist that she already wants to escape from that marriage.

Meet 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet praises No 3 and says the world bows down to guns. The chief terrorist praises Meet and ask No 3 to have sex with Meet. No 3 tries to take Meet away but Meet stops him. Meet says She agreed to the marriage doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any virtue. Meet says everything is after marriage and asks No 3 to trust her as he is going to marry her. Meet tells the chief terrorist to behave like a chief.

The chief terrorist gets angry and points the gun at Meet. No 3 comes in between and convinces the chief to calm down. No 3 celebrates as Meet agreed to the marriage. Meet Ahlawat and search for the manhole that leads to the hospital back route. Meet Ahlawat comes across the police and he asks Meet Ahlawat what is he doing here.

No 3 says to Meet that any woman didn’t come to him till now and they only ran away when they saw him. Meet Ahlawat makes up a reason and tries to escape from the police. The police officer asks Meet Ahlawat to open his bag. Meet Ahlawat thinks he will get caught if he opens the bag he will get caught. Meet says to No 3 that they run away from him because they see his face. Meet says she sees the truth in his eyes that’s why she loves him. No 3 blushes hearing this.

A drunk guy comes to Meet Ahlawat. The police officer asks the drunk guy what is he doing here. The drunk guy gets into an argument with the police. Meet Ahlawat sees the police distracted and escapes from there. Meet says to No 3 that she has to freshen up for the marriage ritual. No 3 asks the woman terrorist to go with Meet. The woman terrorist takes Meet.

Meet Ahlawat comes into the manhole and recalls what Meet said about a man if necessary can do anything. Meet Ahlawat thinks necessity and love can make a man do anything. The woman terrorist asks Meet to go inside. In the washroom, Meet meets Ragini. Meet says her plan for Ragini is that they need to make the terrorists unconscious to get out of there. Ragini asks Meet how can they do that. Meet shows the anesthesia and says she found it in the storeroom.

Meet 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

The woman terrorist comes into the washroom and asks Meet what is she doing. Meet says she is feeling sad about her situation. Meet says her marriage is happening but there a no laddoo to celebrate with it. No 3 comes and agrees with Meet. No 3 asks the woman terrorist to go to the canteen to look for Laddoo. Meet says if she was in her home then she would have prepared laddoo with her own hands.

No 3 asks the woman terrorist to bring the ingredients for laddoo and make the woman prepare laddoo for his marriage. The woman terrorist agrees. No 3 asks Meet if she is happy. Meet says yes. When the woman is preparing the laddoo, Ragini tries to mix the anesthesia into the laddoo. The woman terrorist points the gun at Ragini’s head. Meet Ahlawat hears a sound and sees a snake in his way. Meet Ahlawat gets stunned seeing a snake

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