Meet 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Manmeet and Sagun bring a gift for Meet. Inside the gift, Meet discovers a short dress. Manmeet says that Meet needs to wear this costume during the competition. He says that there should be equality in costumes too. He says that all males will keep their eyes fixed on Meet when she wears the costume.

Meet asks Manmeet to shut up because she won’t wear the costume. Manmeet says that Meet has to wear it. He says that people will tongue-lash her if she doesn’t appear in the competition. Later, Shagun tells Yashoda about the incident. Yashoda and Shagun laugh. Manmeet says that Meet won’t keep quiet; she will definitely do something. Meet shows up dressed as the character. They get shocked.

Meet 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Meet 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet says that she can go in front of all the males of the village wearing this. She gears up to leave. Yashoda asks her not to go anywhere. Meet tells Manmeet that she likes the color of the costume and asks him to bring something in a bright pink color. She leaves. Yashoda gets stunned. Shagun says that she is afraid, thinking about what will happen if Meet beats Manmeet in wrestling.

Yashoda gets thoughtful. Meet goes to the market to buy medicine for Swapna. Sundari and Anuja arrive, their faces hidden behind veils. Sundari tells Anuja that they have to be extra careful and hide their real identities in the hospital. When Meet sees them, he becomes skeptical. Chanda comes and tells Meet that Manmeet has created a scene. Meet sees that Manmeet has spread the posters of the wrestling competition throughout the village. Manmeet tells Meet that they will wrestle against each other and that Meet will lose. He says that after that, Meet has to leave both Sarkarpur and Sarkar Mahal forever.

He leaves. Chanda asks Meet what she will do now. Shagun tells Yashoda about Meet’s physical strength. Yashoda is in disbelief. Sarkar asks her to keep 3 lakh rupees in the safe. Yashoda says that she is worried for Manmeet too. Shagun says that Manmeet won’t go to Akhada if he gets defeated by Meet; his dreams to appear at the Olympics will be shattered then.

Meet gives medicine to Swapna. Imarti secretly smokes cigarettes. Gunwanti calls everyone and says that someone is smoking there. Yashoda says it must be Mahendra. Gunwanti says he is not at home. Yashoda discovers a half-burned cigarette. She tells everyone that it has a lipstick mark on it. She calls all the ladies downstairs and tries to smell their fragrances. Gunwanti claims she is innocent because she discovered the problem first. Yashoda asks why Sundari and Anuja are missing. Imarti goes to call them.

Sundari and Anuja are informed about the sex change operation by the doctor. Sundari gets emotional. Anuja says that she will remove all the pain from Sundari and Meghna after the operation. The doctor says that the operation will cost seven lakh rupees. Sundari occasionally requests assistance with money management. The doctor says that they have to arrange the money within the next two days.

Anuja asks Sundari where they will arrange for two lakh rupees more. Sundari says that she will do something. Imarti brings Sundari’s shawl with a tobacco packet on it; she says Sundari might be smoking. Manmeet comes there. Yashoda informs him of everything. Manmeet says it’s not Sundari but Meet who smokes cigarettes. The episode ends.


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