Meet 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Meet sees that someone is hiding in the kitchen. She tries to catch the person. The person kicks Meet and runs away. Everyone enters the hall. Yashoda asks Meet why she is shouting at midnight. Meet tells her what she has seen. Sundari says that Meet might be hallucinating. Sarkar asks her to stop and orders everyone to go to sleep. Meet finds a shoe and wonders if it belongs to a girl. Sundari calls someone into her room. She hugs her and asks her not to worry. The person turns out to be Anuja. Anuja says that she is scared.

Sundari claims that Anuja will be a boy in a matter of days. She says that she is waiting for the day when Anuja will step into the house as Anuj. Anuja says that Sundari can also proudly say that she is the mother of a boy. She claims that she will have surgery in six days, after which Sundari and Meghna will be free of pain. Sundari cries and hugs her. Sundari says that they have to keep the matter secret until then. Anuja says that Sarkar summoned everyone the next morning and wonders what he is up to.

Meet 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Meet 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Manmeet sees Meet in his room and wonders if she is still possessed. He calls her. She screams. Manmeet gets scared but refuses to accept it. Meet makes fun of him. She again says that she will defeat him in wrestling. Manmeet asks her how she is so confident about winning. He reminds her of how he picked up a 200-kilogram sibling in front of her eyes. Meet doesn’t pay attention to him and leaves. Meet gets ready for practice and wonders what to do next. She sees Anuja and inquires about her class. Anuja asks her not to talk to her.

meet inquires as to why. Anuja says that Yashoda will scold her if she talks to Meet. Shagun asks Manmeet if he is thinking about Meet. Manmeet nods. Shagun says that Meet is unpredictable; she can do anything at any time. Manmeet asserts that he is not afraid of Meet. Shagun says that Meet is different from any other ordinary girl. Manmeet tells Shagun that he will show her that Meet is nothing more than an ordinary girl. Anuja tells Meet that they can get punished for what Meet did last night. Meet spots Anuja’s shoes and wonders if she caught Anuja last night.

Then she changes her mind, thinking it was a boy. Sarkar asks everyone who came last night if he came to meet any of the ladies. Yashoda asks whose lover he was. Anuja gets scared. Yashoda resembles Imarti. Imarti says that she is innocent. Sarkar and Yashoda declare that they will punish the offender. Yashoda spares Imarti from punishment because she is pregnant. She asks the remaining ladies to confess the truth for the last time. Everyone remains silent. She orders everyone except Imarti to climb the stairs 100 times.

Swapna and Narendra look at each other. Feel for them and meet with them. Narendra asks Yashoda why she wants to punish everyone for one person. Meet supports Narendra. Sarkar asks Meet not to interfere. All the ladies start climbing the stairs. Swapna feels tired. Meet tells Sarkar she might have made a mistake in seeing him. Sarkar gets angry. The ladies feel relieved. Later, Narendra takes care of Swapna.

Swapna brings up Meet. Narendra says that Meet can never change the hearts of the people living at Sarkar Mahal, no matter what. Swapna says that she is praying for a miracle day and night so that Meet wins the wrestling competition. Yashoda asked Meet a question. Meet says that she is not answerable to someone who doesn’t value other women, being a woman herself. The episode ends.


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