Meet 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shagun catching Meghna red-handed and threatening her that she will inform Yashoda about packing food for Meet. Manmeet stops Shagun and questions Meghna. Meghna tells him the competition should be equal. Manmeet asks, “Does she think Meet can compete with him?” and asks her why she is supporting Meet. Meghna tells him that Meet is fighting for women’s rights, and she is supporting her as a woman. Manmeet asks Meghna if she thinks that Meet can change their livelihood.

Meghna tells him the changes have already begun. Meet arrives there and asks what they are discussing about her. Manmeet tells Meghna that he thinks both men and women are equal, and she can defeat him in a wrestling competition. But before that, they have to compete against one another. He then challenges her to drink five glasses of milk in one sitting, just as he does. They both have milk, but Meet fails to drink the entire five glasses of milk. Manmeet mocks her for trying to defeat him in a wrestling competition but failing to defeat him in this food competition.

Meet 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Meet 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet boldly says that she will defeat him for sure. Prove to Shagun that he has fallen in love with her by looking at her. Manmeet tells her that not even in her next seven lives will he fall in love with her. He then tells Meet that he will defeat her to prove to Meghna that men and women can never be equal, then leaves. Meghna leaves the place sadly. Meet thinks to herself that Manmeet loves his sister so much but fails to see her pain.

Meet tells Shagun that maybe Manmeet is afraid of her, then sings a song. Shagun mocks her, saying Manmeet won’t love her and that he is afraid of her. Meet asks her to come to her room at night and find it on her own, then leaves. Sundari tells the girl that all the family members are focused on the wrestling competition, so it’s the right time to execute their plan. They have to make sure no one catches them. The girl obliges. Imarti calls out the family members. Yashoda inquires as to the reason for this.

Imrati tells Yashoda that she brought her here to grant her wishes and that she is pregnant. Yashoda gets happy. She asks Narendra whether what Imrati is saying is true. Narendra recalls Imrati’s threat and says it’s true. Yashoda then asks Gunwanti to call Gunni Maa to check whether the child is a boy or a girl.

Gunwanti says she is out of the station, so Yashoda asks her to call Gunni after she returns home and then leaves. Gunwanti mocks Swapna. Narendra asks Swapna whose child Imrati is carrying. Swapna looks clueless, while Imrati thinks to herself that she isn’t pregnant, but she will use this lie in her favor in the future. Sundari tells the girl that everyone is happy and distracted, so they should execute their plan. The girl nods okay.

Manmeet and Meet argue over their rights in their room. Manmeet makes Meet fall from the bed and mocks at her for being unable to defeat him even in this small matter. He then takes his place in bed and falls asleep. By acting as though she is under the influence of a spirit at midnight, Meet scares Manmeet and forces him to leave. She then takes her place in the bed and tells herself that Manmeet should have avoided all this if he had listened to her earlier. Shagun tries to check on what’s happening in Manmeet’s room.

Meet sees her and tells her that Manmeet is afraid of her, so he left the room, which Shagun refuses to believe. Meet suggests she see it on her own. Here, someone gets ready. Sundari tells her that person is her only hope and blesses him or her. Meet comes downstairs and feels someone is there, so he asks who is there. The one who hides with Sundari and looks worried


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