Meet 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The judge asks Meet to proceed with the case. She walks forward and remembers what Pratap said to her. Anurag asks her what happen. Meet says I need some time to find out more evidence related to this case. The judge scolds her for wasting time and says I give you one hour. Anurag walks to Meet says why are you exiting is everything all right? Meet says there is some change in plan and she walks out.

Meet reach the location and looks for Ishani. She shouts her name multiple times and finds the car. Ishani is inside the trunk asking for help. Meet hear her and say don’t worry I’m here to help you. Meet shouts for help. Pratap walks to her. Meet says Ishani use to call you best friend and you trapped her. He says yes because both didn’t leave me any choice, I’ll kill everyone who will come in my way. Meet and ask why do you kill Neelam. He says she deserves it because she killed my baby and tells her story of how he killed her.

Meet 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Meet take out her pocket knife. Pratap is busy telling stories. Meet walk towards the trunk and try to open it with her knife. Pratap is unaware of the situation and is busy telling a story. Meet a successful open trunk and help Ishani to come out of it. Pratap see them and attack Ishani. Meet come in between and fight with him. Pratap slaps Meet tightly.

Ishani and Meet trap him and start beating him. Pratap tries to fight back but Meet and Ishani outnumbered him and he loses. Meet and Ishani runs away from him. Meet get’s trapped in the net which is attached to a crane driven by Pratap. Meet shouts run away and call the police don’t worry about me bring them. Pratap hears this, he gets our of the crane to catch Ishani. Ishani runs away. Meet hanging in the air.

Ishani with Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says you mean Pratap killed Neelam and now he kidnapped Meet. Ishani says yes because he knows we all are going against him so he kidnaps me first and when Meet came to save me he trapped her. Anurag says so Meet did everything to save you. Meet Ahlawat says please Anurag only you can help me please give me permission to go out. Anurag says it’s not possible you are under police custody.

Meet Ahlawat says to do something it’s important to talk to someone. Anurag says okay he walks to the inspector and talks to them. Meet hanging above a cliff shouting for help. Inspector says to Meet Ahlawat I can’t let you go out but Anurag instead me so I’m letting you go out but I’ll accuse you of running away from the police. Meet Ahlawat thanks him.

Meet hanging above the cliff. Ishani sees Anurag and Inspector are talking about something, she walks to them. Meet Ahlawat out in the jungle looking for Meet. Anurag says to Ishani judge is about to come and that Meet Ahlawat is not here, he must be in danger. Ishani says he will bring her back. Anurag says the hearing is about to start with what the inspector will say to judges and another thing he wants to finish this case today.

Inspector says to Anurag what I’ll do now they will call our number. Anurag says don’t worry nothing will happen to you or your job. Everyone waiting in court. Constable announces case no. 8910 to come forward, he calls Meet Ahlawat’s name. Barfi aak Anurag where is he why he is not standing? Anurag asks her to calm down. Barfi says you look different today tell me what is happening. Judge scolds Anurag and asks where is everyone.

Meet 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Anurag apologizes to the judge and says they will be here soon. The judge asks to call the inspector. Inspector walks in. Judge says should we consider you lack in your job and need to be punished. Anurag says I take the blame for everything and ask you to give us more time. Judge says for wasting time I can punish you under the contempt of court act.

Anurag says I understand everything, I humbly request you to give us some more time for the truth to come forward in front of everyone. The judge gives him time and says it’s enough now I can’t wait, you have to answer all the questions and why to let the culprit go out. Meet Ahlawat saw Meet hanging, and he calls her. Meet and ask how you come from jail. Meet Ahlawat says you are in danger don’t worry I’ll do something.

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