Meet 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet telling Meet that he will stay right outside her house until she tells him what her problem is. Babita asks Meet to listen to Manmeet for one minute. Babita asks Raj to tell Meet. Raj reminds Babita that this decision is not about their lives but about Meet’s life, so leave it to her. Manmeet recalls what happened.

Manmeet asks Meet what her reason is for not talking to him. Manmeet says he will stay here until she talks to him. Raj and Babita see that Manmeet is right outside their house. Meet also sees that Manmeet is right outside their house and that he is not going anywhere. Manmeet shivers and rubs his hands in the dark. Babita knocks on Meet’s room door and asks her to invite Manmeet inside, as outside it is quite cold.

Meet 21st January 2023 Written Episode Update

Raj comes and says to Manmeet that he knows his daughter-in-law and says she will not listen to him, so she asks him to leave. Manmeet comments on it and asks Raj to leave. Meet in the morning and see that Manmeet is right outside the house. Babita comes with the tiffin and says to Meet that she is going to give the tiffin to Manmeet as she can’t see him suffering. Meet gets a call and takes it.

After the call, Meet takes the tiffin tray from Babita and brings it to Manmeet. Meeting him awakens Manmeet. Meet says if he wants to get a gold medal at the Olympics, he should not stay here. Meet informs Chotu that the selection committee has arrived to select the wrestlers and asks him to accompany them. Manmeet asks Meet: What is his fault in the Panchayat? Manmeet says he only followed the panchayat’s decision.

Manmeet wonders what’s his fault if his face is identical to her husband’s. Meet says his only fault is that he looks exactly like Meet Ahlawat, and he asks him to leave. Manmeet asks Meet to reconcile and puts his hand forward for friendship. Meet shakes his hand and accepts Manmeet’s friendship. Manmeet asks Meet to come with him to encourage him in the selection. Manmeet also gets permission from Raj. Raj also tells Meet to go. Manmeet and Meet leave on Meet’s scooter. Manmeet drives it while Meet sits behind Manmeet.

Yashoda asks the pandit to check if the two fortunes match or not. Pandit says this match is made in heaven as there are 36 points there. Yashoda asks the pandit to check it carefully. Mahindra’s wife thinks she can find out the name of the bride if she looks at the matches. Mahindra’s wife gives water to the Pandit and tries to look at the names of the bride and groom. Yashoda asks Mahindra’s wife to not act smart and leaves from there.

Manmeet and Meet run into Mahindra. Mahindra says to Manmeet that he has a lot of guts, as he returned to the village after rejecting the panchayat’s decision. Manmeet asks Mahindra to show him the way. Meet also says to Mahindra that today is Manmeet’s selection and asks Mahindra to allow Manmeet to leave. Mahindra says he will allow them to go if Manmeet ties a rakhi to Meet. Manmeet gets into an argument with Mahindra, but Meet stops Manmeet. Manmeet thinks it will not be possible to go to the selection today, and he has to wait another year.

Meet says she will think of a solution and goes to the wrestling gym. The selection committee members ask the coach where Manmeet is. The coach says he will come soon. Chotu asks Meet, “Where is Manmeet?” Meet says Manmeet can’t come today. Meet says she will think of a solution. Manmeet sees an old lady in trouble and helps her sit down.

Manmeet asks the old lady, “What does she want to do?” The old lady says to offer this milk to Lord Siva. Mahindra makes fun of the old lady, saying she has to walk 500 steps to offer milk to Lord Siva. The old lady feels disappointed upon hearing this. Manmeet encourages the old lady and says Lord Siva will come to her if she can’t go to Lord Siva.

Meet talks to the people on the selection committee and asks them to come to see Manmeet. The selection officers say that Manmeet should be here if he wants to get selected. Meet talks to the selection officers to give Manmeet a chance, but they don’t listen to her and leave from there. Mahindra makes fun of the old lady, saying Manmeet can never bring Lord Siva here. Mahindra carries Siva Lingam on his shoulders and brings it to the old lady.

Meet says to the selection officers that they needed to see Manmeet’s strengths. She claims Manmeet carried a 200-kilogram Siva Lingam down 500 steps and brought it here on his shoulders. Manmeet puts the Siva Lingam down and says to the old lady that her Lord Siva came to her. The old lady thanks Manmeet and offers milk to Siva Lingam. Meet asks the officers if they still need to test Manmeet’s strength. The selection officers congratulate Manmeet and say he is selected. Manmeet is overjoyed to hear this.

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