Meet 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Meet shows the document to Chanda and Bindiya and says that she has come out of the Sarkar house to fulfill Meet Alhawat’s dream. Meet goes to do the will of God and removes her tattoo. She claims that her relationship with Manmeet ended today. Manmeet and other members of the Sarkar family come there and laugh at Meet.

Chanda asks Meet to run away from there. Manmeet informs Meet that the papers she has stolen are not the originals. Meet examines the papers and is taken aback. Manmeet makes fun of her. He reveals that he damn sure made all those mistakes to trap Meet. He says that it was he who outsmarted Meet.

Meet 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Swapna says that no woman can ever defeat a man in Sarkar Pur. Manmeet warns Meet not to cross the Sarkarpur border. He asks her to get lost immediately. Sarkar says that Manmeet has ended Meet’s story today. They all go inside, leaving Meet. Manmeet closes the main gate. Chanda and Bindiya ask Meet to leave this hell. Meet says that she can’t go anywhere until she fulfills Meet Alhawat’s dream.

Chanda advises Meet not to make any rash decisions. The Sarkar family rejoices because Manmeet can now marry Shagun in peace. To gain entry, meet kicks and breaks the main door. Everyone gets shocked. Meet refers to Manmeet as a child in order to dismiss her.

Meet says that she is not someone who accepts defeat easily. She says that she will stay in this marriage for the next seven births. She promises to stay at Sarkar’s house until she gets the factory papers back and challenges everyone to kick her out before that. Manmeet asks her to shut up.

Meet says that she is still his wife officially, and if Manmeet tries to kick her out of the house, she will file a complaint against him. She says that she is already in talks with Sp. Manmeet picks her up in his arms. Meet makes a proposal to him. She asks Manmeet to give her a fifty percent share of the factory land, and she will give him a divorce in exchange. Manmeet says that he promised Sarkar not to let Meet fulfill her dreams.

Meet says that she also made a promise to build the factory in Sarkarpur only. Manmeet drops Meet on the floor. Meet requests that Gunwanti finds a suitable match for Shagun, as she will never leave Manmeet. Mahendra gears up to kick Meet out of the house. Meet Mahendra, who is on a trip. Mahendra falls and gets injured. Meet threatens him and indirectly calls him a lowlife. She goes inside. Chanda worries about Meet.

Meet says that she will stay alert. Mahendra asks Manmeet to teach a lesson to Meet. Sarkar orders Yashoda to do something and kick Meet out of Sarkar’s house. Yashoda promises to make Meet’s life a living hell. Later, she takes Meet’s clothes and burns them in front of her eyes. Meet doesn’t get scared at all. She asks Yashoda to keep trying hard, as she will not leave their house until her mission is accomplished. The episode ends.


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