Meet 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Manmeet telling a child that when he is going to win a lot of medals in the Olympics, her grandmother in heaven is going to clap for him. Meet comes to meet Manmeet. The child says to Manmeet that Meet came to meet him. Manmeet sends the child to bring Lassi. Manmeet greets Meet. Manmeet says today is a very important day for him.

Meet says she heard him talking and says he is going to fulfill his dream. Manmeet says today he has a very important meeting with Sir. Manmeet notices that his shirt button is missing; he looks for thread and a pin. Manmeet finds them, but Meet notices that Manmeet is having a problem with them. Meeting him helps him. Manmeet worries about the meeting. Meet assisted him in stitching the button.

Meet 19th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Babita considers how much time it will take Meet to arrive. Chanda offers Raj and Babita tea and snacks. Chanda says their house is small. Raj comments on it. Raj and Babita worry about Meet. Babita says Meet’s heart is thinking of reasons to meet Manmeet. As Meet brought them here, she went to meet Manmeet to give the chunri. After the meeting went well, Manmeet praised Meet as her lucky escort. Manmeet says he used to be very close with his grandmother, and after that, if he can share his heart with anyone, it is her. Meet gives the chunri to Manmeet.

Manmeet shares his past with his grandmother, who used to encourage him while he did wrestling. Manmeet asks Meet if she is going to help him fulfill his dream or not. Meet recalls the word she gave to Meet Ahlawat about fulfilling his dream. Manmeet sees that Meet is again absent-minded. Manmeet apologizes to Meet, asking if he did anything wrong. Meet extends his hand to Manmeet the Chunri and informs him that this is their final meeting. Manmeet says God will decide if their paths will ever cross again. From there, meet leaves.

Meet comes and says to Babita that they have to stay here for the night as they don’t have any chance to repair the car here. Raj asks Meet to find out if there is a hotel here. Chanda says she got a chance to serve them, and she will not miss it. Meet asks Chanda, “Where is her husband?” Chanda says his man went to Sarkar’s house to decorate because a new bride is going to enter their house in 10 days. Meet says all his sons have been married. Chanda says if a wife doesn’t give birth to a child, the guy is forced to marry another wife.

Chanda says Narendra’s first wife, Swapna, gave birth to a dead child; then he married a second wife, but she is also not getting pregnant, so he is marrying a third wife. Raj asks if there are any educated people in this house. Meet asks if the bride agreed to this marriage. Chanda says even Narendra doesn’t know who is going to be the bride. Babita asks Meet to just focus on the factory. Meet feels this is somehow connected to her.

Sarkar tells Mahindra to show how strong he is today. Raj hears someone knocking on the door. Raj asks Chanda, “Who is it?” Some people bang on the door. Chanda puts some furniture behind the door to stop Mahindra’s men from coming inside. Chanda says to Raj and Babita that Mahindra’s men are here and asks them to hide. Mahindra’s men see that Chanda is not opening the door, so they try to break the door.

Chanda, seeing this, calls Manmeet and asks him to come quickly. Chanda tries to stop Mahindra’s men from coming inside, but she fails. Chanda asks Mahindra’s men to leave Raj and Babita, but they don’t listen. When they try to hit them, Manmeet defends them. Mahindra’s men warn Manmeet that he is going against Sarkar and it will not be good for him. Manmeet taunts them and challenges them to come. Mahindra’s men leave from there. Chanda thanks Manmeet. Manmeet says there is no need for it.

Manmeet asks Raj and Babita, “Why are they here?” Manmeet asks, “Where is Meet?” Meet is shown to be sleepwalking in the streets. Babita says to Manmeet that Meet went through trauma, and after that, she sleepwalks in her sleep. Manmeet says he will find Meet and bring her.

Meet, thinking of Meet Ahlawat is about to jump into the well, but Manmeet stops him. Manmeet asks Meet if she is mad and reminds Meet that it is a sin to commit suicide. Meet sees Manmeet, thinks it is Meet Ahlawat and hugs him. Meet says she can handle any kind of pain except the pain of losing him. Meet asks Manmeet to promise him that he will not leave her again.

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