Meet 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a man beating his wife for going to the factory. Meet stops the man and asks the man what wrong did she do if she worked in the factory. The guy says the men who eat with their wives’ money are not men. Meet says that men are those who respect women. The guy raises his hand on Meet, but Manmeet stops him.

Mahindra’s wife shows the Chunri, i.e., what she has prepared for the new bride, to Yashoda. A woman beside Swapna says to her that Yashoda is going to bring a second wife for his husband. Swapna’s husband begs Yashoda on his knees not to do this. Manmeet stops the guy and teaches him a lesson. The guy runs away from there. Manmeet says if a man raises a hand on a woman, then it is wrong, just like her raising her hand on him. Meet recalls it and apologizes to Manmeet.

Meet 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update
Meet 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Yashoda reminds Swapna’s husband that Swapna hadn’t given birth to a single child till now. Manmeet says to Meet that he always prays to God that her factory starts as quickly as possible. Manmeet asks Meet to come to the temple with him. Chanda also suggests that Meet goes with Manmeet. Sarkar comes and asks what happened. Yashoda says his son is madly in love with his wife. Sarkar gives an example to his son and gives the responsibility of inviting a new bride to Sarkar’s house to Yashoda.

Manmeet and Meet run into Sarkar’s car. One of Sarkar’s men warns Manmeet that he is not going to stay safe for long. Manmeet warns Sarkar, saying he is going to take care of Meet from now on as he is not doing anything wrong. Manmeet warns Sarkar. Sarkar’s car leaves from there. Manmeet gives a high five to Chanda.

Manmeet signals them to come. Manmeet brings Meet and Chanda to the temple. Manmeet gives a plate of flowers and Diya to Meet to worship God. Manmeet takes his handkerchief and puts it on Meet’s head. The wind blows the handkerchief away. Chanda asks Meet how she can go into the temple without a dupatta.

Yashoda asks the pandit to give God’s blessings to this chunri, as a new bride is going to wear it and come to Sarkar’s house. Mahindra’s wife asks Yashoda who is the new bride. Yashoda says she already knows. Mahindra’s wife guesses who it might be. The Shagun Chunri blows away in the wind, and Manmeet catches it and wears it on Meet. Mahindra’s wife asks Yashoda how this could happen, as this is Shagun’s Chunri.

Yashoda says the Chunri has gone to the right person. Yashoda thinks to herself that Meet is going to be the daughter-in-law of Sarkar’s house. Sarkar and Yashoda talk about who the informer might be. Meghana’s mother asks Meghana if she knows what will happen. Sarkar knew what she did. Sarkar asks Yashoda to leave thinking about the informer and teases her. Babita sees the chunri and thinks this kind of chunri is used in Shagun. Babita goes to ask Meet where she got this.

Babita sees Meet complaining to Raj about why this is happening to her and says when she sees Manmeet, she thinks of Meet Ahlawat and feels helpless about it. Meet tells Raj that in the temple, the pandit thought of them as a pair and blessed them together. Meet and hug Raj. Raj consoles Meet, who is crying. Babita thinks this chunri is a sign of God.

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