Meet 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Meet encourages the Sarkar family to play a couple’s game. Yashoda and Sarkar play the game first. Meet has plans to spike the drinks. Yashoda loses. She says that she never wants to defeat Sarkar. Other couples also play the game. Other ladies also accepted their defeat, like Yashoda. Meet is sorry for them.

The male members of the family consume the spiked drinks, except for Manmeet. Meet offers a drink to Manmeet. Manmeet says that he doesn’t trust Meet; he asks her to consume it first and prove it’s not spiked. meet hesitates but takes a sip. Manmeet then puts some ice in his drink and consumes it.

Meet 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet thinks that she has spiked the ice cubes, not the alcohol. Meet and Manmeet sits down to play the game. Meet remembers her late husband and loses the game. Sarkar meets the lawyer’s assistant, who asks him to sign the documents. Meet hopes that Sarkar doesn’t get to see that she has kept her name in place of Manmeet’s.

Sarkar fails to read the document as he is already intoxicated. He asks the assistant to read what’s written in the document. Meet has a thought. She breaks the bulb by throwing a stone. Sarkar keeps the document and goes to call Manmeet. Meet is following him. All the couples enjoy themselves.

Manmeet asks Narendra to read the document, but he fails to do so too. Meet comes and informs everyone about the second ritual. Swapna starts vomiting. Everyone pays attention to her. Meet takes the chance and hides the document in a box. Swapna hides her pregnancy from the Sarkar family.

Later, Meet fails to find the box. Bindiya and Chanda call Meet to inquire about the papers. Meet says that she is not able to find the documents. Meet asks Imarti about the box where she kept the document. Manmeet asks everyone to search for it. Meetings become tense.

Later, Manmeet tells Meet that he has the box Meet is looking for. Meet asks him to give her the box. Manmeet refuses to give it, and she asks Meet to take it herself. He says that he loves to play games with her. meet wonders what to do. She decides to act fast. Manmeet is informed that Shagun has come to meet him and is waiting upstairs. He goes upstairs and meets Shagun. Shagun says that she can’t share Manmeet with Meet on Valentine’s Day.

It is revealed that it is Meet who is dressed like Shagun. Meet thinks that she can go to any extent to fulfill Meet Alhawat’s dream. She hides her face under a veil and hugs Manmeet. Manmeet tries to be romantic. Meet takes the box from Manmeet, saying that nothing can come between them. Manmeet goes to remove her veil. Meet says that she took a vow that she would only show him her face after he kicked her out of the house.

She asks him to write his name on her hand. Manmeet becomes touchy. He takes a pen and writes his name on her neck. He laughs and says that Manmeet and Shagun belong to each other. She asks him to write his name on every page, diary entry, and a letter that is associated with them. She takes out the document from the box and asks Manmeet to sign it. Manmeet signs the documents. He then passes out. Meet says that now she will fulfill Meet Alhawat’s dream. The episode ends.


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