Meet 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Manmeet goes to check Meet’s hand in today’s episode. He suddenly recalls Shagun’s statement that she despises Meet. Manmeet told her that he has eyes only for Shagun and that he will never touch Meet. Manmeet backed out. He asks Meet to wear a half-sleeve blouse hereafter, as he doesn’t like full sleeves.

He says that Meet got saved today, but she won’t get saved every time. He leaves the room. Meet is overjoyed. Manmeet meets Sarkar. Sarkar says that he can’t understand why Meet is staying there. He thinks that Meet has some plans. He says that Meet should never get the factory papers. Manmeet says that he will do something.

Meet 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet gets Manmeet’s phone. She feels there must be something related to factory papers on the phone. She hears Lawyer’s voicemail, in which he says that he made some changes to the factory papers and has sent one draught to him. Meet checks the draught and learns that Manmeet wants to acquire Meet’s share too.

She understands that Manmeet will try to get her signature by hook or crook. Meet thinks that she has to stop Manmeet. She sees Manmeet and Yashoda talking. Yashoda tells Manmeet that she wants to remove “Meet” from Manmeet’s name and call him Man only. Meet has an idea. She considers removing Man from Manmeet.

She sends a message to the lawyer. The lawyer says that he will send papers by tonight and get his and Meet’s signatures on them. Meet has completed her tattoo. Meet tells the ladies that she has kept fast for Valentine’s Day. She advises all those women to fast like her for their husbands. Gunwanti asks Yashoda to keep fast for Sarkar. Gunwanti says that husbands love alcohol the most.

Meet agrees and asks about Manmeet’s favorite brand. Yashoda asks Meet if she can take on the responsibilities of this occasion. Meet agrees. Yashoda says that Gunwanti will keep an eye on her. She says if anything goes wrong, Meet has to suffer. Meet asks her not to worry, as she will handle everything. Later, Meet meets Chanda and Bindiya and tells them about her plan.

She says that she will spike everyone’s drink and make Manmeet sign the papers. Mahendra says that he wants to open another alcohol factory. Sarkar suggests that he use the plot of land for Meet’s factory. Mahendra worries that Meet can create problems, as she has a 50 percent share of them.

Manmeet says that he will handle Meet, and Meet’s share will become his very soon. Sarkar praises Manmeet. Yashoda sends them clothes. Sarkar says that he won’t wear them. Manmeet convinces him. Meet brings roses and asks other ladies to worship the roses. They follow Meet’s instructions.

Narendra, Mahendra, Sarkar, and Manmeet arrive there one by one. The ladies do their art. Meet went to do the same with Manmeet. He stops her and says that he is going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Shagun. Meet puts a stop to him. She says that she did all the preparations for him and asks him to stay back for the sake of his family’s happiness.

He agrees and picks her up in his arms. Everyone looks shocked. Chanda calls Meet and informs her that the lawyer’s assistant will reach Sarkar’s house soon. Meet says that she has to make all the males intoxicated soon so that they can’t see the papers. The episode ends.


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