Meet 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Yashoda thinks that now they have to tolerate Meet for his entire life. Meet tells Manmeet that from now on he should only think about her, as she will not leave his house. She sings “Aj Se Teri” to tease Manmeet. Later, Meet tells those two ladies that she has a temporary tattoo on her hand that can be easily removed later.

She reveals that she changed the ink on Dadi’s machine. They warn Meet that the Sarkar family is very dangerous. Meet says that she is not afraid and is ready to face any danger. She says that she took this step to confuse Manmeet and his family.

Meet 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Manmeet comes there. The two ladies hide. Meet tells Manmeet that she has come to take some fresh air. Manmeet holds her hand and asks her to accompany him. At the table, Manmeet asks Meet if she is in pain, as he has destroyed her self-respect today.

Meet says Manmeet must be in pain too, as he has to consider her as his wife. Manmeet forcefully holds her hand. Meet takes her hand away. Manmeet says that he will make Meet’s life a living hell. Meet slams the door shut and sobs in agony. She says that she will keep provoking him to get the factory papers back.

Sapna informs Narendra that she is pregnant. They share a hug. Sapna worries that if Yashoda gets to know about it, she will again call someone to detect the gender of the unborn baby. She is curious if it is another girl’s child. Narendra says that they have to leave the house in that case. Yashoda comes there.

Narendra and Sapna hide. Narendra assures Sapna that they will protect their baby this time. Sapna begs God for a boy or girl like Meet, someone who can write her own destiny. Meet changes clothes and locks the room. Manmeet asks her to give him his certificate. Meet opens the door slightly and hands him the certificate.

Manmeet talks to his coach. He realizes that he could not spot the tattoo on Meet’s hand while he was giving him the certificate. He thinks that Meet must have done something fishy. Meet also realizes the same thing and regrets being careless. Manmeet comes back and asks Meet to open the door. He tries to break into Meet’s house and realizes that Manmeet has noticed that her tattoo is missing.

Manmeet enters and asks Meet to show her hand. Meet me a few steps back. Manmeet sees her hand clearly. He sees that Meet is holding a lot of bangles. Meet says that Yashoda has asked her to wear this many bangles as she is a married woman now. Manmeet brings Meet outside and informs his family that there is no tattoo on her hand. Yashoda grows furious. She gives a sword to Manmeet to cut Meet’s hand and punish her.

Manmeet applies oil to Meet’s hand to remove the bangles. While Manmeet was attempting to break the door, Meet completed half of the tattoo on her hand. Manmeet asks Gunwanti to remove Meet’s clothes and cross-check. Meet asks him to do it. She thinks that Manmeet will never agree to this. Manmeet takes Meet to the room. He closes the door. Meet gets worried. The episode ends.


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