Meet 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Manmeet asks Meet to either write his name on her hand or leave their house. He thinks in his mind that Meet’s reality will come in front of everyone today when she will refuse to get the tattoo as she still loves her late husband, Meet Ahlawat. He asks Meet if she is ready. Yashoda takes him into a corner and asks him what he wants to do.

She reminds him that if Meet writes his name on her hand, she will be considered Manmeet’s wife for life, and they will be unable to kick her out. Manmeet asks Yashoda not to worry, as Meet will never agree to make the tattoo. Yashoda understands his plan and calls him right.

Meet 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet thinks that she has always campaigned for women’s rights, but she is currently experiencing an identity crisis. She decides not to allow that to occur. Manmeet prepares a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood to soothe Meet’s pain. He sings the song “Aj Se Teri” to tease Meet. He applies the mixture to Meet’s hand. Meet walks into her room and away from there.

Yashoda and Gunwanti laugh. Manmeet thinks that he will keep provoking Meet until she leaves their house. Meet says that she can’t get any tattoos. Manmeet asks her to accept defeat. He says that Meet has two choices: get the tattoo and stay there, or take the bus and go to her parent’s house.

Manmeet says that Meet Hooda will lose this time as he trapped her wisely. Meet sobs and contemplates what she should do next. She looks at her and Meet Alhawat’s pendant and says she needs him. She asks him to do something. Raj and Babita worry about Meet. Raj has requested that we meet. Raj asks Meet if she is fine and whether he should go to her.

Meet claims that it will only be a matter of days and that she will be able to handle the Sarkar family until then. She hangs up the phone. Meet thinks that she doesn’t want to trouble Raj and Babita. Anuja tells Meghna that Meet has lost. Meghna says that she has faith in Meet and will neither get the tattoo nor leave there. She believes Meet will alter their customs as well as their fate.

Sarkar and Mahendra come to attend the Muh Dikhai Ceremony. Manmeet welcomes them and informs them about his plot. Raj and Babita discuss how they both felt Meet was not okay and was hiding something from them. They think that Meet does not want to trouble them. They praise Meet and feel bad for her. They pray for Meet’s victory.

Manmeet asks Gunwanti to bring Meet. Meet, according to Meghna, will not be present. Anuja says that she has to come in order to stay in their house. Gunwanti comes and tells her that Meet is missing. They laugh, thinking that Meet has run away. Meet arrives and declares that she is prepared to do the tattoo.

Manmeet thinks that Meet can’t do it. He asks Dadi to make the tattoo and announces that hereafter Meet’s only identity will be that she is Manmeet’s wife. Meghna hopes Meet will refuse to get the tattoo. Meet begins working on the tattoo. Two ladies try to stop her. One of them slaps Meet for not fighting against this evil ritual.

Meet does not listen to them. Dadi starts making tattoos. Manmeet is perplexed as to how Meet can accept defeat. Meghna feels hopeless. Dadi completes the tattoo. Meet winks at the two ladies. She shows her tattoo to Manmeet and teases him. The episode ends.


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