Meet 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sarkar’s wife is messaging him. One of his men walked up to him and told him something. Sarkar says to be in line. His wife gets scared. Every woman in his home is standing in line. Sarkar says someone from this house has told Meet about Chatank’s land, and the message was sent to her from a hidden phone. No one answered him. Sarkar says I’m giving you two days, Jasodha, to find out the culprit, or else I’ll find him out and make his condition worse. Meghna thinks Meet came into my life as a savior, but now I can’t message her.

Meet with Raj and Babita to discuss the factory’s land layout. She sees that Meet Ahlawat’s photo is gone; she walks to a few kids and asks them about the photo. Her wrestlers (Akhade wale Pehelwan) have taken them, according to the children. Mahandra and his men walk towards Meet. Babita gets scared when she calls her. Mahandra says, “I have a message for you,” and hands her the phone. Meet takes the phone. Sarkar invites her to the celebration of Lohri and disconnects the call.

Meet 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sarkar laughing. “What happened? Why are you laughing?” his wife inquires. Sarkar flirts with her and says whoever did this to us will be punished. You have taken the pledge of not tying your hair and not having food. Now believe it will be over soon and ask Ger to eat. I won’t eat until I don’t see her lose, she says.

Babita and Raj get scared. Raj says he disagrees with your decision to go there. Meet says don’t worry, and I have to give them strength to fight against them so that they can also stand against them and work and ask Raj to take Babita home. Babita asked her to be careful. Meet says don’t worry; now I have to get Meet Ahlawat’s photo back.

The wrestling match is in progress, and the anchor asks if anyone is willing to face our winner.”I’m ready to fight him,” says a man passing by. Everyone gets silent. A Meet Ahlawat lookalike walks in and defeats him. Meet Kid as he makes his way to the wrestling match. Meet and watch two wrestlers compete. Meet Ahlawat’s lookalike and watch him knock down his opponent. Everyone is cheering for him.

Do you know where they kept the photo, kid? He gave her directions. Meet and walk towards the photo. Meet the lookalike from behind. Everyone gets in the ring and picks him up on their shoulders. Meet, hold the bracelet, take the photo, and leave. The kid notices the bracelet in her hand and inquires, “Where did you get this?” It was given to her by her brother. Yes, the kid says; he told me he had lost it. Okay, says Meet, return it to your brother.

Announcer: give a trophy and ask, “Who are you? You won everyone’s heart.” He made fun of him for getting married. Ask me what kind of woman you want, and I’ll find it for you. He describes the women he desires. Lohri celebration at Sarkar’s house Everyone is having fun. Meet enters for pooja. Jashoda should see Meet and remember the pledge she took.

Sarkar sees Meet and asks her to come forward; he wishes her Lohri. Jasodha asked her to dance and enjoy. Meet her, join her hands, and step back. Sarkar walks up to her and says your wish is that every woman should work, but before that, you should know if women are interested or not. Meet shouts and ask your sister: “Do you all want to be independent?”

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