Meet 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Meet tells Manmeet that she will listen to her husband and leave. She takes a piece of cloth and a tool and goes to hang herself. Others try to stop Meet. Meet says that she will leave Manmeet’s house only after her death. Others ask her to come down. Manmeet takes a knife and plans to teach Meet a lesson.

He cuts the piece of cloth, and Meet falls on him. Meet taunts him, saying that he proved that they are husband and wife only. Manmeet leaves. He does rigorous exercises to vent his frustration. Shagun video calls him and cries. Meet sees the decorated room for Manmeet and Shagun’s first night. Manmeet’s sister, Meghna, asks her to stay in that room hereafter.

Meet 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Manmeet inquires about Meghna’s work. Meghna says it was her dream, and girls don’t have the freedom to dream in their houses. Meet asks her to stay with her at night. Meghna says that people from Patallok are not allowed at Baikunthdham. Meet has a mental breakdown. Meghna says that Sarkar’s house is divided into two parts: those who gave birth to boy children live in Baikunthdham, and those who gave birth to girl children live in Patal Lok.

The people of Patallok are treated like servants, unlike the people of the other half, who get treated like queens. Gunwanti gives orders to Imarti and Sapna during the meeting. She is taken aback by the discrimination. Meghna believes that Meet can change the scenario, fight for them, and give them freedom. Shagun blames Meet for breaking her and Manmeet’s childhood dreams.

Manmeet says that he will take revenge against Meet. Meet sleep in Manmeet’s room. Manmeet comes there, pours kerosene, and tries to light a fire, but Sarkar stops him. He takes Manmeet outside and calls him out for making this wrong decision. He asks Manmeet to be careful, as Meet’s parents are influential people.

Manmeet asks him to give his shakun back to him. He says that he wants to kill Meet for snatching Shagun from him. Sarkar asks Manmeet to return the factory papers to Meet so that Meet leaves their house and Manmeet can marry Shagun peacefully. Manmeet refuses, saying that their rivalry will only end when one of them dies.

Sarkar wonders why Meet came to their house as Manmeet’s wife, knowing that she has many life threats here. Veera comes to meet Meet in her room. She asks Meet to get ready for her muh dikhai ceremony. Meet wonders what the Sarkar family wants to do. Gunwanti comes there to help Meet get ready. Meet taunts her, taking Shagun’s name. Both Meet and Yashoda wonder what Manmeet is up to. The ladies dance at the ceremony.

Gunwanti brings Meet to the ceremony. Meet notices that almost the entire village has gathered. Dadi goes to start the ceremony. Manmeet stops her and reminds the ladies about the rules of their village. He says that all the ladies write their husband’s names on their hands during their muh dikhai ceremony. Every lady’s hands are scrutinised by Meet. Manmeet holds Meet’s hand and asks her to write “I am Manmeet’s wife” in her hand. The episode ends.


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