Meet 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Inspector shows the arrest warrant to Sarkar. Does Sarkar say who dares to complain? Meet walks in and says I wrote the complaint against you, making fake documents. Sarkar’s wife comes forward and scolds her she even comments on her appearance. Sarkar asks him to be quiet and says my days are not so bad that I have to take my wife’s help.

Sarkar says to Inspector if you will put me in jail. Meet mocks him. Mahandra tries to hit her but she stops her hand and says if you try to hit me you will also land in jail with your dad. Mahandra runs away. Sarkar says things will cost you. Meet says I’m not here as a guest mocks him in front of his family.

Meet 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Constable tries to handcuff him. His wife comes forward and says be within your limit. Constable handcuffs him. Sarkar says you will regret your, decision inspector. Police take him away. Sarkar’s men outside stop their way. They should we will kill everyone here and create a chaotic situation. Meet shouts wait for everyone and explain the plan for her factory and how helpful it will be for all the ladies of this village, this man wants to rule over you and doesn’t want you all to see progress, let the police do their job.

One man hit the inspector and everyone start fighting. Sarkar raises his hand and every man stops fighting. Mahandra walks in with the lawyer and asks him to show bail papers to Inspector. The inspector checks the document and asks his members to release him. Meet says today you are safe but one day all the ladies of this village will be against you and it will be difficult to save you. Police and meet leave the area.

Meet doing Bhoomi pujan of land and remembers Meet Ahlawat’s dream, she finishes with her pooja and uses a shovel to dig a hole and place a brick to complete the ritual. Everyone tensed in Sarkar’s family. Sarkar sitting with his grandchild. Mahandra get’s angry and says I’ll kill that girl and end her story. Police help to place board for the factory. Meet apply teeka in Meet Ahlawat’s photo. Sarkar looks at every lady in his house. Everyone is scared of him. Sarkar asks who gives her a tip about the fake documents of the land.

Mahandra in anger says to leave this to me in one hour culprit will be standing in front of you. Sarkar slaps him tightly and he falls to the ground. Sarkar says everything is your fault who ask you to go and talk to TehseelDaar, they connected the dots and handcuffs me, like this you will handle the throne nobody was able to question me for the last 25 years but an outsider challenged me I’ll not spare her.

Sarkar’s wife holds Diya in her hand and says my husband was disrespected in front of everyone and to remember that every day I’ll keep open hair till the time she apologizes to Sarkar nor I’ll eat food. Everyone is in shock. Sarkar thinks now god will have to show a miracle. Meet working with all the documents, checks her phone and finds Meet Ahlawat’s photo, she says I’m still in dilemma why did you keep this hairstyle and look? Her documents fly away because of the storm, she starts collecting her documents.

A guy walking with a handbag towards her. Meet busy collecting her paper. A paper flies to his face and covers it. Meet says what are you doing help me, she removes the paper from his face and starts looking for other. Meet Ahlawat’s lookalike and starts helping her to get documents, both are busy collecting papers. A tractor comes between them. A man in a tractor shouting let’s go to Kushti Akhada in Sarkarpur. The guy throws his bag in the tractor. Meet shouts give my paper. He gives her paper and mistakenly takes his bracelet with MOM written on it.

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