Meet 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Meets gets busy with Shagun and Manmeet’s wedding preparations. Sapna warns her that her husband’s second marriage brings destruction to the first wife. Yashoda gifts a handkerchief to Meet, saying that she needs it as Manmeet is getting married to Shagun right in front of her eyes. Meet keeps smiling and accepts the gift. Manmeet sits in the mandap.

Meet brings Shagun to the mandap. Meet behaves like she is intoxicated. Manmeet reminds her of their marriage. He asks Meet to tie the Gadbandhan. meet fails to do it. Manmeet smiles. In a flashback, he spiked Meet’s drink so she wouldn’t cause problems in the marriage. Meet walks over to a corner and sits.

Meet 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Yashoda claims that Meet was unable to tie the Gadbandhan because she was saddened to see Manmeet and Shagun together. She asks Mahendra and Gunwanti to tie the Gadbandhan. They do the same. Pandit asks Shagun and Manmeet to stand up to take the seven pheras. Manmeet tries to stand but fails. Meet has glued the wooden board on which Manmeet is sitting for marriage in a flashback. Meet smiles.

Manmeet tries to stand up forcefully. His dhoti gets torn. Everyone laughs at him. Meet gives him the handkerchief to protect his respect, which Yashodha gifted her earlier to wipe tears. Manmeet wraps it around his waist and goes inside. He changes clothes and comes to the mandap again. He says now no one can stop the marriage. Shagun and Manmeet gear up for the pheras. Sp Bhati arrives with his team and cancels the wedding.

He says it’s illegal to marry a second time when your first wife is present. The Sarkar family chastised Meet. According to Sp. Bhati, the complaint was filed by none other than Shagun. Everyone gets shocked. Shagun looks intoxicated. A flashback shows Meet exchanging her juice for Shagun’s. Manmeet asks Shagun to speak up. Shagun fails to utter a single word. It is shown that Meet had mixed glue in her lipstick earlier. According to Sp. Bhati, the Sarkar family has sewn Shagun’s lips shut so she can’t protest the marriage.

Gunwanti says that Shagun herself wants to marry Manmeet and asks her to say something. Shagun fails to say anything at all. Sp. Bhati claims that the Sarkar family is putting pressure on Shagun to enter into this forced marriage. A flashback reveals that both SP Bhati and Meet devised the scheme. S.P. Bhati told Meet that she doesn’t need to plot anything because it’s illegal to marry a second time while the first wife is still alive.

Meet says that she wants to do the same thing that the Sarkar family did with her. Sp Bhati promises to bring Shagun home. Manmeet secretly tells Shagun that she must be regretting not having the basic education to inform the police of her opinion in written words. The police leave with Shagun. Manmeet lashes out at Meet.

He blames Meet for whatever happened. He calls Meet the widow of Meet Alhawat. He asks Meet to forget about Meet Alhawat’s dream and live life like his widow. He threatens to make her life a living hell otherwise. Meet hides her tears and says that she won’t give up in order to fulfill her late husband’s dream. The episode ends.


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