Meet 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: In today’s episode, Manmeet recalls Meet’s words. Meghna and Anuja come to his room and break a bottle by mistake. Manmeet asks them to not get scared, as he won’t scold them. They tell Manmeet that he is different from other male members of the Sarkar family, then explain why he behaves rudely with Meet Hooda. They ask if he will apologize if their husbands behave the same way as them.

Manmeet says no and asks if they would tolerate it if their in-laws treated their family the way Meet does. They say no. Manmeet says he won’t tolerate it either. He waited 25 years to stay with his family, and now he wants the love of his whole family. Meet asks him to come with her, as she wants to show him something.

Meet 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She tells him that Shagun is saying something secretly in her room. Meet and Manmeet comes closer unintentionally. In the room, Gunwanti tries to fix Shagun’s cloth. Meet asks Manmeet to see and adore Shagun. Shagun tells Gunwanti that she doesn’t want to marry and become someone’s second wife.

Meet the taunts of Manmeet. Manmeet says he wants to marry Shagun; that’s enough. Shagun’s dress gets torn. Manmeet becomes shy. Meet says that she wanted Manmeet to hear this so that no problem would arise later. Meet puts his hand on his chest and tries to look inside the room.

Manmeet feels uneasy and removes her hand. Meet says she will handle it and asks him to leave. He leaves. Manmeet asks Mahendra to bring alcohol from his factory. Manmeet keeps an eye on Meet and thinks that she has come to spoil his marriage. Meet thinks that she won’t let the marriage happen until she gets the factory papers.

Yashoda sees that Meet is helping with marriage preparations and thinks that she is up to something. Manmeet asks Yashoda not to worry, as he knows how to handle Meet. Yashoda plans to send Meet away anyway so that Manmeet can concentrate on his marriage. Later, she asks Meet to search for the gift that Manmeet brought for Shagun, as it got lost somewhere.

She asks Gunwanti to search with Meet too. Meet goes into a room to search. Yashoda locks her in the room. Others help her. Meet the cries for help. She collides with Manmeet there and yells. She tells him that she is searching for the gift he brought for Shagun. Manmeet says that he didn’t bring anything for Shagun. Meet calls Yashoda a liar.

She asks him what he is doing there. Manmeet says he has come to take a turban. He requests that someone open the door. Gunwanti tells Yashoda that Manmeet is missing. Meet claims that Yashoda devised a foolproof plan. Manmeet finds a box full of crackers there. Meet claims it is useless. Manmeet asks her not to get scared and also says that she can’t halt his and Shagun’s marriage. He put fire in the cracker box. Meet gets scared and hugs Manmeet.

The ladies come there and open the door. They are shocked to see Meet and Manmeet together. Both come from outside. Manmeet blames Yashoda for the situation and leaves. meet taunts Yashoda for lying to her about the gift. Mahendra gives alcohol to Manmeet. Manmeet spikes a drink. Meet has a thought.

Meet gets Shagun ready and asks her to smile. Manmeet asks Meet to make Shagun wear a pajal. Meet does the same. Manmeet says that Meet belongs there only. He says Shagun resides in his heart. Gunwanti comes and offers juice to Meet. She stops Shagun from picking up a particular glass. Meet is aware of the strategy. She and Shagun finish their glasses. The episode ends.


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