Meet 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with one year leap and Babita takes a call from Meet. After the call. Babita says to Raj that all the preparations are completed for Meet Ahlawat’s dream factory. Raj comments on it. Raj asks strangers if this is Ranipur or not. The passerby says it used to be Ranipur but now it is called Sarkarpur. Meet buys land from the land owner. Meet recalls of Meet Ahlawat saying about his dream.

Meet recalls her moments with Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks to herself that from today onwards Meet Ahlawat’s dream is going to come true. Raj says his friends asked him about Meet’s second marriage. Ishani says the photo of Meet Ahlawat that Meet asked for Bhoomi Pooja has come and asks Babita where to put it. Raj tells them to put it there. Babita says they should pray to God so that Meet will find a loving husband.

Meet 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Few women are shown to be doing housework and they have a tattoo of their husbands’ names. A woman comes and says to the Maji that she did everything she asked for. She says she prepared Lord Sri Krishna’s Bhog. A woman after washing the clothes warns her hand. Ma ji stops her daughter-in-law from warming her hands and puts her hand in the fire. Maji scolds her daughter-in-law as she couldn’t give birth to a son.

Maji says the woman is born because a woman should give birth and says a woman has no value if she doesn’t give birth to a son. Maji tells the tattoo artist to write the name of the husband on the bride’s hand. The bride says she doesn’t want to do it. Maji says this should be done so that others wouldn’t steal her. The bride doesn’t agree to do it.

Sarkar tells Maji to leave it. Sarkar says if she doesn’t want to write her husband’s name then leave it. Sarkar says if there is no name of the husband on the woman’s hand then she will be everyone’s property. Sarkar says from today this bride is everyone’s property. Sarkar’s men come to Meet and say that she broke the rules of Sarkarpur. The man gives her the list of rules to Meet and asks her to read it. Sarkar takes Maji’s hand and praises her. Sarkar gives Aarti to Lord Sri Krishna.

A woman is shown to be escaping from the crowd sneakily. The woman runs into a pillar. The woman takes her bag and escapes from there. Sarkar sees the woman running away. Sarkar takes the Payal that woman dropped. Meet starts reading the rules one by one like the woman are not allowed to work. Meet reads all the rules and tears apart the rules paper right in front of Sarkar’s men. Sarkar men try to attack. Meet stops them and says they have no value in dreams.

Sarkar says that women have no right to dream in Sarkarpur and says the escaped woman will know the consequences soon. Meet fights with Sarkar’s men and beats the crap out of them. Sarkar asks Maji whose responsibility is house responsibility. Maji admits that it is hers. Sarkar says she should have told if she couldn’t do it. Meet warns Sarkar’s men and leaves from there. Meet runs into the escaped woman. Meet apologizes to the girl. The escaped woman asks Meet to drop her at the bus stop.

Meet drops her at the bus stop. Meet asks the escaped woman if she needs any help. The woman says she doesn’t need it and leaves from there. Meet says everything is ready for the Bhoomi puja and asks Raj and Babita if the photo came or Meet Ahlawat for the Bhoomi Pooja. Raj shows the Meet Ahlawat photo. Sarkar’s men round up the escaped woman. The escaped woman sees a well and jumps into it.

The escaped woman is tied to a woman and is brought to Sarkar’s house. The escaped woman asks her mother and father to save her. Sarkar unties her. Sarkar asks who is the man that she ran away with. The escaped woman says there is no woman and says she ran away to study. Sarkar shows the photo of Meet and the escaped woman going on the bike. One of Sarkar’s men comes and says about Meet and what happened.

The pandit says in Bhoomi Pooja the pair sit and do Pooja. The pandit asks who is going to do Pooja. Meet shows the photo of Meet Ahlawat and says they are both going to do it. The pandit says they can’t do Pooja without a man. Meet says God wouldn’t have said it as he wouldn’t differentiate between men and women. Raj says Meet will do the Bhoomi Pooja to the pandit. The Pandit agrees. The Pandit starts doing Pooja. Meet closes her eyes. Sarkar comes to the Bhoomi Pooja and he stops Bhoomi Pooja. The Pandit runs away.

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