Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raj and Babita taking their leave. Meet says she will return and send them off. Manmeet asks her to go with them, but Meet says there is no way that will happen and leaves with them. Gunwanti and Imarti wondered if Meet had changed for real, and Jashodha scolded them. Manmeet says that she came here to get their property papers, but he makes sure to never let that happen.

Meet asks Raj and Babita to leave without worrying about her, and they say that they are not worried and express their trust in her. Meet says that she will make sure to fulfill her dead husband’s wish and get freedom for the village girls. They both take their leave. Manmeet mocks Meet, and she gives it back to him. Sarkar asks if she wants to stay there, and he’s letting her stay. In exchange, he asks her to follow house customs and live according to her husband’s orders, considering him her god. Meet agrees to stay at the Sarkar Mahal.

Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Manmeet tells Meet that he wants to get married to Shagun and asks her to get ready for marriage with him. Meet is surprised that he is planning to get married again. He claims it’s common in the Sarkar Mahal. He claims that Mahindra married Sapna because he fell in love with her, but he married Imarti because of Sarkar’s advice. Sapna agrees with him in pain, while Meet looks upset at her. He asks whether she would get Shagun ready for the marriage and obey his orders or leave the house.

Meet pretends to be leaving but then starts dancing. She declares that she is prepared to prepare her for the marriage. Meet thinks that she knew well that Manmeet would plan this but would swear not to let the marriage take place at any cost. Jashodha reminds her that Manmeet loves Shagun and will only love her forever as her name is stuck in his heart. Meet reminds her that her name is stuck with ManMEET’s name forever and leaves with the accessories.

Shagun mocks Meet for not dreaming of ever becoming Manmeet’s love, while Meet just smiles and puts the dupatta on her head. Sarkar and Jashodha were fuming that Meet was stuck with them for so long when they had just planned to get her for a day and then throw her away. Jashodha is about to make a promise to trouble Meet, but Sarkar warns her not to as her one promise already brought her to the house. Manmeet comes there and consoles his mother. Meet is about to apply haldi to Shagun when Manmeet stops her as he suspects that she mixed something in it.

Meet says that she didn’t, but he didn’t believe her and made it appear on her face. Meet recalls her time with her dead husband. He also asks her to wash her face to check for rashes. She does as she is told, finds nothing, and leaves. Meet provokes Shagun by saying that she’s his wife, which is why he naturally gets close to her, and no matter what, she cannot have any rights as she’s just another woman. She provokes both Imarti and Shagun at the same time, while Shagun leaves angrily.


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