Maitree 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ashish, Nandini, Maitree, and her family watching drug racket news on TV. Maitree calls Ashish and requests that they meet her at Saraswati Ghat in 15 minutes. Nandini and Ashish wait for Maitree. Maitree comes there. Nandini asks why she called them urgently. Maitree says to taste her handmade Panipuri, as I sensed you want to eat it.

Nandini eats pani puri happily. Ashish asks Maitree how she knows it. Maitree says she can sense it easily. She thinks about how to talk to them about Saransh. Ashish tells Maitree we know you are tense and have many questions, which is why we decided to clear them up. He calls Saransh and asks them to talk with each other to have a better understanding.

Maitree 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Saransh takes Maitree aside. Maitree asks Saransh, “Why does he want to marry her?” Saransh says he is marrying her for his mom. Maitree also notices that Saransh is sweating and his hands are shaking, and she questions Saransh about it. She also reminds Saransh that something fell while they were doing a photo shoot, and he picked it up and hid it without anyone noticing.

Saransh says it’s because of weather changes, and he will adjust soon. Maitree asks why he wears goggles. Saransh covers up, saying he has a dust allergy. Maitree asks Saransh if he has any habits that anyone doesn’t know about him. Maitree says she hates secrets. Saransh claims you have me, and I have a secret. He removes his goggles. Maitree asks what Saransh claims—that he took something other than a rose from the mandap and will show you what it is.

Maitree waits impatiently. Saransh shows her earrings and tells her that he bought them as their first-night gift, so that’s why he hid them in the mandap. He asks her permission to make her wear earrings. Maitree allows him. Saransh makes Maitree wear earrings. He thinks it’s easy to fool Maitree. Ashish takes their photos.

Nandini teases them. Maitree says her doubts got cleared up with Saransh’s explanation. Ashish says it’s good, so let’s return home as it’s already late. Nandini asks why he is in such a hurry when the bride and wedding organizer are here. Ashish says they are planning to enter the mehendi event.

The next day, Maitree scolded workers for not finishing the work. She is taken aback when she notices the workers are Ashish, Saransh, and their family men, who came in that direction to attend a mehendi. Maitree’s mom asks them to be careful. SI calls Dinesh, but he doesn’t attend the call. Nandini writes Ashish, Maitree, and Maitree’s starting letter on Maitree’s one hand, and she writes Saransh’s name on another hand to have a strong bond.

Sona spots Ashish and other men at the engagement. She questions Kusum about their reason for being here. Sona objects to men’s presence at the event. Ashish says they came from the event management side to do the arrangements. Sona doesn’t listen. Nandini signs Maitree to manage Sona.

Maitree 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree tries to convince Sona with her words and tells her that these are going to be beautiful memories if everyone is here. Sona says it’s not good to break the rules of ritual. Maitree says everything will be fine. Sona asks Saransh’s opinion. Saransh says he wants to participate. Sona agrees and asks the men to keep their distance.

Si thinks Dinesh and Ashish are not attending the calls, so we have to enter the function to take action. Ashish and other men dance in the event wearing gagra. Everyone enjoys it. Sona stops them and says their dance is not good. She requests that the DJ play an amazing song and promises to show them what to do. Everyone gets amazed. Sona rocks with her dance performance. Everyone joins her. That’s when the cops arrive. Saransh is terrified when he sees the police.


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