Maitree 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vasundhara asking Maitree to leave the Tiwaris’ house, taking her suggestion. She asks Maitree to give the baby to her. Maitree moves back. Sona takes a fire torch and says she is going to burn Vasundhara. Ashish asks her not to do it. Sona says to Vasundhara that she won’t let her take the baby. Vasundhara says I will take my daughter and grandson with me, and I’m not scared of death either. Sona says you’re responsible for what’s going to happen and tries to attack Vasundhara with a fire torch.

Ashish and Om stopped her. Vasundhara sees her brother, and he signs that he recorded everything. Vasundhara tells everyone that Sona is mentally unstable and that my daughter and grandson are not fine at this house. Sona gets enraged. Ashish tells Sona that Vasundhara can’t take his wife and baby as it’s wrong legally. Vasundhara says I will clear your doubt too. She shows him the court orders she brought. Ashish says this is just an appeal to the court, and let’s face it in court, so leave from here.

Maitree 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Vasundhara says she came here with all preparations, and they won’t let her leave until her work is done. Sona shouts at her. The police come there. Vasundhara’s brother complains to the police that Sona attempted to kill Vasundhara and shows them the video. Ashish is shocked upon seeing it.

Princy is about to leave. Raj Kumar stops her and asks where she is going. She tells him that she is going to grooming class and asks him to give her money. Raj Kumar gives her money and says that one day he will become like Vasubdhara. On another side, Vasundhara tells the inspector, “DCP Dinesh is another witness to the attack that happened to her.”

The inspector asks Dinesh’s opinion. Dinesh says they can’t take action until Vasundhara files an official complaint. Vasundhara says she will complain and asks them to arrest Sona on an attempted murder charge. Everyone gets shocked. The police arrest Sona and try to take her away.

Vasundhara asks Ashish to let her take Nandini and the baby in order to save Sona from the attempted murder case. Ashish feels helpless. Vasundhara asks if she can take his silence as acceptance. Ashish bends his head. Vasundhara stops the police and asks them to leave. Sona is giving her a warning, and I’m going to take Nandini and the baby. Sona asks Ashish to not let his baby leave the house, and I’m ready to go to jail. Ashish says he can’t let her go to jail and tells her that he will bring back his baby and Nandini soon.

Maitree tells her father that something is wrong. Dinesh says it’s correct, and this house is not safe for Nandini and the baby. Vasundhara asks Maitree to give her the baby. Maitree reluctantly gives the baby to Vasundhara. Tiwari feels bad. Vasundhara asks her sister-in-law to handle the baby, and she goes to bring Nandini. Sadhna decides to message Sachin.

Sachin tells the coding class. Princy comes late to the class. Sachin questions her about it. She tells him she is a new admission. Sachin warns her not to be late again. Ashish calls his friend Karan for help, but he doesn’t get any. Kusum asks Ashish to apologize to Vasundhara and stop her from taking Nandini and Baby. Ashish goes to Vasundhara and requests that she think like Mom and let his wife and baby stay with him. Dinesh asks Maitree to pack her luggage.

Vasundhara tells Ashish that she won’t forgive him and asks him to get ready to accept his defeat in the crucial case. Vasundhara packs Nandini’s sarees and things. Ashish and Maitree recall their moments with Nandini. Vasundhara thanks Maitree for taking care of Nandini. She asks Maitree to go to her house. The hospital staff puts Nandini on a stretcher. Vasundhara breaks the photo frame of Nandini, Ashish, and Maitree. She walks on it.


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