Maitree 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with family members asking Ashish where Saransh is. Ashish thinks about how to tell everyone that Saransh is not in the room. One of the guests mocks me by asking if Saransh is avoiding engagement.

Saransh comes there and says he won the first prize in the running competition, and he got Maitree as his bride. Everyone claps for him. It’s shown that the police catch the person beside Saransh, and Saransh escapes from the police and reaches the venue.

Maitree 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sona asks Saransh where he went. Saransh says he doesn’t like her jewelry, so I went out and bought a diamond ring. Maitree smiles. Saransh thinks it’s the duplicate ring he bought while returning. Nandini tells Maitree, “She is lucky to get Saransh.” Sona slaps the person who talked badly about her son, and then she makes Saransh sit beside Maitree for the engagement ceremony.

Maitree feels sad seeing white roses in the declaration. Nandini sees Maitree and tells her what happened. Maitree signs her towards white flowers in the decoration. Nandini understands why Maitree is sad. She takes Ashish aside and asks him to arrange red flowers, as Maitree doesn’t like white. Ashish says there is only one way, namely, to use your flowers. Nandini decides to give her flowers for her friend’s happiness.

Nandini and Ashish shower red rose petals on Saransh and Maitree while they are getting engaged. Maitree feels happy. She hugs Nandini in happiness. Sona doesn’t like it. Later, Nandini and Maitree tell Ashish how they prayed to Mahadev in childhood to never separate them. They thank Mahadev for keeping them together by getting them married into the same family. They do their signature friendship move. Ashish joins them too.

Later While taking group photos, the photographer asks Saransh to wipe off his sweat. Saransh wipes his sweat, and his drug packet falls down. Saransh bends to take his pack, and then the photographer takes the photo. Maitree finds Saransh’s behavior strange. Ashish asks Saransh why he bends in front of his wife before marriage.

Saransh says he bends to give a red rose to Maitree. He gives a red rose to Maitree. Nandini tells Maitree she is lucky. Maitree is not sure about Saransh. Later, everyone eats food. Sona praises the food. Ashish says credit goes to Maitree’s caterer. Maitree sees Saransh and thinks about why his hand is shivering. Nandini feels pain. Maitree notices it and massages her feet.

Sona feels jealous and calls for Sona to serve her. Saransh eats more Gulab Jamun to control his overdose of drugs. Maitree suspects something is wrong with Saransh. While leaving, Maitree’s mother invites Ashish and Saransh’s family to come to their house for the mehendi ritual. Sona says the ladies will come, but there is no entry for men. Men feel disappointed. Everyone leaves.

At home, Maitree thinks about Saransh’s strange behavior. Sachin teases Maitree and sends her to prepare tea. While reading tea, Maitree also thinks about Saransh. Maitree’s father joins her and tells her that he will cancel the match if she doesn’t like Saransh.

Maitree’s mother says Saransh is good. Maitree says she’s nervous because she hasn’t met Saransh yet, but I trust Nandini and Ashish’s decision for me. On another side, Saransh sees that his eyes are red and decides to cover them by wearing spectacles.

Maitree 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He wears a bandage to cover his injection marks. Sona comes there and shares her fear with Saransh. Saransh assures her he won’t leave her like his father, and he calls his father selfish for leaving them to become Sanyas. Om’s uncle, according to Sona, called your father, but he denied it. Saransh says you’re my world, so I don’t need him and don’t cry, otherwise, I will leave. Sona requests that he not leave her.

Saransh hugs her. Ashish massages Nandini’s feet. Nandini says she is stressed. Ashish asks her to change her mood and turns on the TV. Maitree asks her father if everything is OK. He says I gave information to the police about the drug mafia, and I’m watching the news. Nandini, Ashish, Maitree, and her family watch the news on TV about the drug mafia and get shocked.


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