Maitree 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The story starts in Prayagraj, where Nandini is chasing a man to punish him for dropping her kulfi. She is about to twist her feet, but Maitree holds her in time. Maitree asks her what happened. Nandini says that uncle made my kulfi fall, which I wanted to eat. Maitree claims she can’t eat her kulfi because of a toothache and requests that she do so. Nandini enjoys the kulfi. They do their signature step. The voiceover says Maitree and Nandini are friends, but they are more than sisters.

Later, Maitree’s mom asks Maitree to come. Maitree asks when Nandini will meet her again. Her mom says that after 12 hours, you guys always stay together, but what happens when you grow up and get married? Nandini and Maitree say they marry the same person to stay together. Maitree’s mom asks them not to talk in that way; otherwise, some words become true. Nandini asks why. Maitree’s mom says they will understand once they grow up.

Maitree 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

According to the voice-over, Nandini and Maitree’s friendship matures over time. 15 years later, Maitree, on call, asks the vendor to send her red roses. Nandini asks Maitree not to worry. Maitree asks her to wear a seat belt and questions why she is eating bottled gourd. Nandini says it’s my pregnancy craving, and I’m feeling uncomfortable if I wear a seat belt. She asks to drive quickly. Maitree asks her father to not increase the car’s speed.

Sachin complains that he wants to occupy the front seat once they get separated. Maitree says it will never happen. Maitree calls Ashish and asks what he’s doing. Ashish tells her he is bringing Christmas lights. Maitree requests that he bring her what she has requested. The lady comes there and tells Ashish to fight her case with manipulated evidence. Ashish refuses and sends her away.

Maitree hears it. Ashish inquires as to what Maitree is saying. Maitee requests that he bring the lights she requested. She disconnects the call. Maitree and her family reach the venue with Nandini. Maitree asks her team why they didn’t finish the decorations. Ashish comes there and asks the workers to finish the work soon. Maitree’s mother instructs her to switch into bride mode, leaving the event organizer mode behind as the decorations near completion.

Nandini supports Maitree’s mom and tells Maitree to enjoy her engagement. Sona asks her sister-in-law why their daughter-in-law is coming with the bride’s family when she is our daughter-in-law. Ashish’s mother says they are friends, so we send her. Maitree and her family come there. Maitree is about to take Ashish’s mother’s blessing. Sona stops her and says she needs to take her blessings first.

Maitree takes Maata Ji’s and then Kusum’s blessings. She says she will remember it from now on. Sona Ji praises her choice. She asks Maitree why she wore a simple necklace on her engagement. Nandini says it’s her choice and asks how it is. Sona makes Maitree wear her necklace. Nandini is about to oppose, but Ashish handles the situation. Nandini calls Maitree upstairs for a touch-up. They go upstairs.

Saransh’s parents inquire about his whereabouts. Sona says Saransh returned from London, and he will be here before the muhurta. Nandini tells Maitree that Sona spoiled her look by giving her an old necklace, and she has always had a problem with me. Maitree asks Nandini to understand Sona’s situation too. She says she is feeling tense about marrying Saransh because she doesn’t know anything about him. Nandini asks her to trust their choice. Maitree says she trusts them. They do their signature step.

Saransh feels hyper after noticing his drug dose is over. He hurls the injection in rage. Ashish goes to Maitree and Nandini’s room. He tells them that they are fortunate to be their daughters-in-law. Saransh, who is on call, asks the agent to deliver the drug to his house, but they refuse and ask him to come to their place. Saransh throws the phone in frustration and escapes from the house. Ashish asks Nandini to forgive him for coming late. He talks to her baby.

Maitree 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Nandini accepts his apology. Maitree praises their bond and says she wants to share the same bond with Saransh. Nandini and Ashish bring Maitree downstairs. Guests praise Maitree’s beauty. Maitree sees white roses in the decorations and doesn’t like them. Ashish takes Nandini with him and shows her the red rose decoration he does for her. Nandini feels happy. Pandit asks Sona to call the groom. Sona calls Saransh. She doesn’t get any response.

She calls Ashish and asks him to bring Saransh. Ashish agrees. Saransh goes to the drug dealer’s place. The dealer refuses to give him drugs without cash. Saransh says he forgot his wallet at home and gives him an engagement ring, then he gets drugs and injects them into his body. Ashish goes to Saransh’s room and notices everything is messed up and Saransh is missing. The police come to the drug dealer’s place. Everyone runs in different directions to escape from the police. Saransh hides from the police, but the police catch him.


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