Maitree 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree making the baby sleep on the swing. On another side, Dinesh asks Sachin if he finds out whether the footage is real or fake. Sachin says it’s real, and the person in the video is Saransh. Dinesh says he learned from the hospital that Saransh drove the car while taking drugs, and that’s why the accident happened. He says they chose the wrong one; hurry, and he says he will bring Maitree home.

That time Maitree calls him and shares with him that there is happy news, i.e., Nandini is returning home. She notices the baby is waking up and cuts the call. Sadhna asks him what happened. Dinesh says Maitree doesn’t know that her near ones betrayed her for hiding the truth, and currently, Nandini is returning home, so Maitree won’t come here, but I won’t let her stay there once Saransh’s 13th-day ritual is done.

Maitree 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Sona sees a red shawl with Kusum and asks her about it. Kusum and Om tell her that Nandini may regain consciousness anytime, so the doctor suggested not letting Nandini face any shock, so she needs to hide. Maitree is a widow. When Nandini returns home, Maitree hides. Sona covers Maitree with a red shawl. She asks Nandini to wake up soon to take care of her baby and tells her that she doesn’t want the baby to grow up in the wrong hands. Maitree feels bad. Om asks the doctor to take Nandini to the room.

Maitree recalls her promise to Nandini. She is about to leave the room but stops hearing the baby cry. Ashish and Maitree go to the baby at the same time. Ashish moves back. Maitree takes the baby and places it near Nandini, but the baby doesn’t get calm hearing her heartbeat. Maitree tasers the baby, and he gets calm hearing Maitree’s heartbeat. She makes the baby sleep. Ashish tells Maitree that he will prove Saransh’s innocence. Maitree says she is hoping it happens. Ashish says it will happen; it’s my promise.

At Ashish’s place, homam happens for the 13th-day ritual of Saransh, and everyone gathers there. Dinesh comes there in anger. Sadhna advises him not to create any scenes until they talk to Maitree alone. Vasundhara tells his brother that today she is going to bring Nandini and the baby to their house. Maitree goes to her parents. Sadhna tells Maitree that they need to talk to her alone. The nurse brings the crying baby there. Maitree goes to feed the baby. Ashish invites Dinesh and Sadhna to come inside.

Sadhna controls her husband, holding his hand. They go to Maitree to talk to her about Saransh. Maitree sees Dinesh tense and asks him what happened. Dinesh reveals to Saransh that she is a drug addict and shows her postmortem report. Maitree says Vasundhara’s aunt sent it to me, but Ashish says it’s a fake report. Dinesh says the report is correct, and there is other proof against him. He shows her the CCTV footage. Maitree gets shocked after watching the video.

Dinesh says to Maitree, ‘Saransh may have gone to take drugs on your engagement day, but he lied and said he went to buy you a diamond ring.’ Maitree says it’s a fake ring, which is why it’s broken. She says Ashish may not know about Saransh’s drug addiction. Dinesh says Saransh is using Ashish’s car, and he may know about his addiction too, as Ashish didn’t reveal that Saransh wasn’t in the room even after checking his room. Maitree says Ashish can’t cheat us.

Dinesh says Ashish also cheated us and tells her how Ashish always hides Saransh’s mistakes. On another side, Ashish wonders if Dinesh and Sadhna are talking to Maitree about Saransh, as they are taking so long. Maitree feels dizzy. Sadhna shouts her name in a hurry. Ashish hears the voice and goes to check.


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