Maitree 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Sona saying to Maitree that she doesn’t need her permission. Maitree says it’s the doctor’s advice not to massage the baby as he is premature. Sona says the doctors failed to save my son and Nandini, so I won’t listen to them. Om explains her risk for their baby. Sona understands. She sees the baby wearing a diaper. She asks Kusum to get a cloth diaper and changes it. On another side, Ashish tells Vasundhara that he will drag her to court for creating the wrong certificate.

Vasundhara says the report is correct and gets ready to go to jail. Ashish says he won’t get scared of her warnings. Nandini machines beep loudly. The doctor comes there and warns Vasundhara and Ashish not to argue in front of the patient. He tells them that only one can stay here. Ashish promises Nandini that he will prove it was an accident and Saransh is innocent. He leaves.

Maitree 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Ashish demands the receptionist call the hospital in charge. The hospital head comes there and asks Ashish what he wants to talk to him about. Ashish shows him the report and asks how they dared create a fake certificate against his brother. He threatens to sue them. The hospital head explains to him that it was a correct report and they found drug traces in Saransh’s blood. Ashish says you’re lying, and I will prove in court that this report is fake. He leaves. Vasundhara sees everything and thinks Ashish can’t prove the report is wrong, and he can’t do anything when I snatch Nandini and the baby from him.

Rajkumar asks his sister to take another room and says he is going to start here as he has done LL. His sister teases him by saying that their father paid for the degree. Both argue. Vasundhara’s brother and his wife come there. They warn Khunshi not to talk about the fake degree, as it will make Raj Kumar the heir of this house. Khunshi says Nandini and her kid will become heirs. Vasundhara’s brother gets angry.

In the office room, Ashish decides to send a notice to the hospital. Om asks Ashish if he is fine. Ashish says he is fine and doing his work. Om sees the envelope and asks if it’s Saransh’s postmortem report. Ashish’s postpartum report is not yet ready, and we got the wrong message. Maitree hears their conversation. Om leaves. Maitree asks Ashish why he returned from the hospital so soon. Ashish says one has to stay with Nandini, and Vasundhara is there, so I come back early.

Maitree wakes up the baby and tells him stories of her mother, then makes him sleep in Nandini’s blanket. Vasundhara calls Maitree and asks how Baby is. Maitree says the baby is fine and doesn’t worry about him as I will take care of him, and he is just like his mother. Vasundhara says she is glad he is not like Tiwari. Maitree says sorry, but I can’t hear anything against my family. Vasundhara says she’s feeling sorrow because she’s done a lot for them and still they didn’t tell her about Saransh. Maitree inquires, “What about Saransh?

Vasundhara says that Saransh was a drug addict, and even the medical reports clarify that. Maitree collapses in a chair and recalls everything. She asks how it’s possible. Vasundhara says that even Ashish knew that, and he may trap you intentionally for his brother. Maitree gets shocked. Vasundhara says, I know this is shocking for you, so call me back when you feel better, as I’m with you. She cuts the call and thinks the destruction of Ashish has begun.

Maitree thinks about everything. Vasundhara’s brother asks Vasundhara what her next plan is. Vasundhara tells him she is going to meet DSP. Maitree calls Ashish and tells him that she needs to talk to him urgently. Ashish tells her he is in a meeting and will come soon. Maitree gets a report from Vasundhara. She sees Saransh’s postmortem report and gets shocked. She recalls how her uncle died taking drugs. She feels dizzy. Kusum holds Maitree on time. She asks her what happened. Maitree says she is fine.

Sona comes there and says she is here, so she will make all the arrangements for the 13th day. Kusum says she is coming to help her. Sona asks if Om contacted his brother. Kusum says no. Sona, in tears, says she doesn’t want any mom to become unlucky like her, as she lost her diamond son. She leaves. Maitree thinks about how Sona will handle the truth. On another side, Ashish, who is on call, asks his team to not let Saransh’s postmortem reach the media and says he will prove the report is fake. Maitree comes there.


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