Maitree 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ashish taking Maitree to the city hospital doctor. He introduces Maitree as the baby’s Maasi to the doctor and says she will take care of the baby. The doctor asks Maitree if she has any experience handling babies. Maitree says no.

The doctor says they can’t give the responsibility of the baby to an inexperienced person. Om asks Spna not to disturb Maitree. Sona says she wants to apologize to Maitree for her behavior towards her. Om says you can talk to her later, but now you need rest. Kusum gives her tea. Sona drinks tea and feels sleepy.

Maitree 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree convinces the doctor that she can take care of the baby. She asks her to test her. The doctor asks the nurse to bring the baby. They give the baby to Maitree. The doctor tells Maitree that they can take the baby home. Vasundhara tells her brother that she will prove Saransh’s druggie status through his postpartum report, and she won’t let Ashish get custody of the baby.

Maitree sees herself in a white saree in the mirror. She recalls the doctor telling her that Nandini shouldn’t be stressed out. Ashish asks her why she stopped. Maitree says Nandini will be stressed if she sees me in a white saree. Kusum asks Om to call Ashish to find out where they are. Om says they will return soon. Transgenders come there to play dhol. Om and Kusum feel worried, thinking the dhol sound may break Sona’s sleep.

Ashish tells Maitree that she needs to wear color for her friend. He makes her wear his hoodie. Om asks transgenders to leave. Transgenders say they learned the baby was coming home, so they came. Om says the baby is still at the hospital. We have learned that the baby is returning home. Maitree uses a marker to place bindis on her face.

Maitree, Ashish, and the baby go to Nandini’s room. Sona wakes up and asks Kusum what’s happening outside. Om shouts at Kinners to stop playing dhol. Kusum tries to manage Sona and asks her to go to sleep. Sona says she can’t sleep. Kusum goes to bring her juice. Sona is perplexed as to why Kusum appears terrified. Maitree and Ashish are trying to wake up Nandini. Me. Bakshi tells them their visiting hours have ended and asks them to leave. Vasundhara calls the compounder and asks him to bring Saransh’s report outside.

Before leaving with the money, Compounder comes out and gives her reports. Vasundhara reads the report and says, “I knew that he drove the car while taking a high dose of drugs, and now I will take revenge on Ashish.” She doesn’t see Ashish and Maitree taking the baby. Vasundhara’s brother sees Maitree and Ashish taking the baby with them in their car. Vasundhara tries to stop them, but they leave. Vasundhara shatters her expensive phone in rage. Her brother asks why she broke it, and she responds that it’s Ashish’s baby, so they can’t stop him.

She indicates that Nandini may visit her mother-in-law if the infant is present. I won’t let her make that choice, so I’ll get custody of the baby by framing Ashish. Call your wife here to take care of the baby. Kusum tells Om that Sona has woken up. Transgender people witness the baby’s return home with Ashish and Maitree. They start playing dholak and dancing around Maitree and the baby. Maitree feels tense.


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