Maitree 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree informing Ashish and his parents that she will take care of the baby as his Maasi. Ashish asks how she can do it. Maitree says she can do it as she takes good care of her brother. Om and Kusum say it’s tough to handle the small baby. Maitree says she will learn it and become Yashoda maa to Nandini’s baby. Kusum coughs.

Maitree goes to get water. Om says Maitree may forget her pain while taking care of the baby. Maitree gives water to Kusum. Ashish thanks Maitree. He asks her to come with him. Maitree says she is excited. Kusum says Maitree can’t go out of the house before the 13th day of Saransh’s death. Maitree says she will make Sona agree.

Maitree 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree and others go near Sona’s room and see that Sona is in pain. Kusum says Sona can’t agree if we tell her, so it’s good if you guys leave without informing her and I will manage her. Ashish agrees. He tells Maitree to come with him. She follows Ashish. Sona interrupts Maitree and informs her that she cannot leave the house before the 13th day of Saransh’s death. Kusum says she asked Maitree to get flowers for puja. Sona asks how she forgets that they can’t do puja at home.

Kusum apologises to her. Ashish tells Sona that he is going to the hospital. Sona asks him to take good care of Nandini and the baby. Kusum asks Maitree to take a rest. Maitree goes upstairs. From outside, Ashish calls Maitree. Maitree informs him that Kusum and Dad will take Sona inside, so I will come with Chotu Tiwari’s belongings. Maitree asks Kusum if she can manage Sona. Kusum agrees and sends Maitree. Kusum mixes a sleeping tablet in Sona’s tea to make her sleep for 3 hours.

Ashish sits in the car. He recalls a past moment when he felt happy knowing Nandini was pregnant and how they shared that with Maitree. Maitree sits in the car with the baby’s belongings and asks Ashish to start the car. She notices he is lost and asks what happened. Ashish says nothing and starts the car. Vasundhara watches CCTV footage continuously.

Vasundhara’s brother asks why she is watching it so many times. Vasundhara says she is watching it to teach a lesson to Ashish, and she will learn how to do it. Vasundhara orders him to bring 1 lakh rupees from the locker. He says it may not be enough. She claims there are proofs in the same hospital where Saransh died, and she claims that 1 lakh is sufficient.

Maitree sees nature. Kusum asks Sona to drink tea. Sona places it aside. Ashish asks Maitree not to take Sona’s words seriously, and he apologizes to her from Sona’s side. Maitree says she understands Sona’s pain. Sona asks Kusum to call Maitree, saying she has worked with her. Ashish asks Maitree to move on in her life. He asks her to go to her home once his son gets settled at home.

Maitree says she had a habit of moving with Nandini. Sona asks Kusum why she is not calling Maitree. Om comes there. Ashish tells Maitree that their dreams were shattered in a moment. Kusum asks Sona to drink tea as it’s getting cold. Sona drinks one sip and says, “It’s really hot, and you’re not calling Maitree, so I will call her by myself.” Om and Kusum look shocked.


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