Maitree 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vasundhara questioning Ashish about how he can allow a drug addict like Saransh to drive a car when a pregnant woman is in the car. Vasundhara’s question surprises Ashish. Maitree attends Landline’s call. Madan asks who attended the call. Maitree says she is Saransh’s wife. Madan says he is the father of Saransh.

He requests that Maitree accept reality and the fact that we all die at some point in our lives. Maitree says she will call Sona. Madan says there is no need. He asks her to inform her that he will pray for Saransh’s soul’s peace but will be unable to return home. Maitree tells him everyone is hoping for his return, but he disconnects the call.

Maitree 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ashish questions Vasundhra on how she can refer to his brother as a drug addict. Vasundhara says it’s a fact and doesn’t act like you don’t know about it. Ashish warns her to stop accusing his brother. He asks what she wants to prove with her lies. Vasundhara says she will prove in court that your brother is a drug addict and that he is dead, but I will make you get jailed for allowing a druggie to drive the car.

She asks him to note his words and leaves. Dinesh comes to Ashish and asks what happened. Ashish says he thought Vasundhara would reconcile, but she left accusing and threatening him. Dinesh asks him not to take Vasundhara’s words to heart. Nurse informs. Ashish is surprised that the gynecologist is calling her.

Maitree informs Sona that Dad called the landline. Sona asks when he is returning. Maitree says he said he couldn’t come. She says I’m sorry for it, and you’re not alone; I’m with you. Sona asks why she didn’t make her talk to her husband. Maitree says he didn’t agree. Sona says no one understands my pain, and today I will break my relationship with my husband. Om stops her. Sona cries and says Maitree is roaming in colorful dresses and she is unaffected by my son’s demise.

The gynecology doctor informs Ashish that they can take the baby home as he is fine. Ashish feels happy. The nurse gives the baby to Ashish. Ashish can’t handle the baby, so the nurse takes him. The doctor asks Ashish to bring some ladies from the house who can take care of If the baby looks like his mom, then we will hand over the baby to you guys, but until then, we can’t allow you to take the baby.

Maitree’s mother requests that Sona not hurt Maitree. Sona apologizes, but you failed to inform her of the rules, and now the ladies are mocking me because she is wearing a colored dress. Maitree’s mother says Maitree is a new bride, and she doesn’t have a white sari, so she wore a light-colored dress she has. Sona asks her to stop giving reasons. She takes the white blanket and covers Maitree with it. Everyone gets shocked. Sona says Maitree has to stay in these white clothes for life as she is the widow of Saransh. Maitree and Dinesh return home.

Ashish stops Sona from holding her hand. Sona asks Ashish how he stopped her hand and if he thought she was dead as well. Ashish apologizes to her and asks why she is misbehaving with Maitreya. Sona says I’m not doing anything wrong, and I’m telling Maitree how she has to look as a widow. Ashish says Saransh won’t return if she does it. Sona says she won’t change her decision. She asks Maitree to wear white.

Ashish stops her and throws the white blanket. Sona calls Maitree unlucky. She says Maitree is responsible for his son’s death. Dineah warns Sona not to disrespect his daughter. He says he won’t let his daughter stay where she gets insulted, and we will take her. Sona asks him to leave, taking his daughter. Dinesh asks Maitree to come. Maitree refuses and tells her father she won’t leave Saransh’s house.


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