Maitree 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree trying to stop the vehicle, risking her life. Ashish saves Maitree, then he stops the next vehicle for help. Dinesh tells Sona that the projector is burned because of a short circuit, but everything else is fine. Om says it’s not inauspicious.

Sona says she is not worried about the things that are not in their hands. Sona asks them to play the marriage video again. Sachin says he will play it on his laptop. Ashish and Maitree take Saransh and Nandini to the hospital.

Maitree 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

The doctor asks Nandini to remove her engagement ring so he can treat her finger. Maitree refuses to remove the ring and asks them to treat her husband first. Ashish is concerned about Nandini’s lack of consciousness. Sona and everyone else finished watching the wedding video at home. The guest asks where the groom and bride are. Sona says they will come, and until then, we can dance and sing. Everyone feels excited.

Saransh gains consciousness. Maitree went near him. Saransh asks how she can always look so beautiful. Maitree smiles and asks how he is. Saransh says I’m fine, and we have to go on honeymoon tonight, so tell the doctor to discharge us. Maitree says you need rest at this moment. She asks him to take some rest and goes to see Nandini’s condition.

Maitree informs Ashish that Saransh has regained consciousness. She and Ashish inquire about Nandini’s health. The doctor says Nandini is injured badly, so we have to do an immediate c-section. Maitree and Ashish look tensed. The hospital staff takes Nandini to the operating room.

At home, Om and Dinesh entertain everyone with their performance. Sona praises them. Maitree goes to Saransh. Saransh asks if everything is OK. She lies to him and tells him everything is fine. Saransh says he wants to drink coffee.

The doctor says not now; we treated outside wounds, but an MRI is needed to rule out internal injuries. Police come there. They ask the doctor to take a blood sample for an inquiry to know if the driving person is drunk or not. Saransh feels tense, thinking his drug addiction may be exposed.

Maitree says my father, Dinesh, is also a police officer, and my husband didn’t drink. Si says you’re the daughter of Dinesh, sir, so please understand the formality. Saransh fears getting exposed. He says he is fine, and he wants to drink coffee badly. Maitree says he is not fine.

The doctor says an MRI is compulsory; otherwise, complications may arise if we fail to treat internal injuries, so we will take a blood sample first. Dinesh and Om call Ashish and others to know where they are, but their phones don’t get connected. Sona says they will return soon.

The doctor takes a blood sample from Saransh and tells the police that he can get a blood report in an hour. Saransh decides to bribe the lab technician to change the report. Transgenders come to Sona’s place and ask her to give them a gift to get their blessings.

Sona gives her good bangles to them and asks them to bless her children. They are happy with the gift and dance happily. Ashish sees Nandini through the glass door and cries, recalling his moments with Nandini. The doctor takes Saransh for an MRI scan. Maitree joins Ashish and cries upon seeing Nandini’s condition.


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