Maitree 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Saransh going to the suhaagrat room, where Maitree is waiting for him. He tells Maitree that he is happy for her and that their tickets to London have been booked for the next day. He says it’s a gift for her from his side. He asks if she is happy.

Maitree says how Ashish and Nandini supported her when she was not sure about him before Sangeet. Saransh holds her hand. Om flirts with Kusum. Sona comes there. Om and Kusum see her and ask why she looks worried. Sona says she is worried about the inauspicious events that happened at the wedding.

Maitree 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree says to Saransh that now she is happy. She says she used to like her parents as a couple, but then she started liking Ashish and Nandini, so she wanted a husband like them to share her life with. Saransh thinks she is thinking too much without knowing his plan. Maitree says pleasure is all mine, and I’m competitive, so we will become the best couple, defeating others. He asks if she has any other expectations.

Maitree tells him what she likes. Saransh says you’re my love. He asks if she has any other expectations. Maitree says that’s it, because I’ve got an amazing partner, and I hope our kids regard you as an idol, as I did my couple. Saransh says they have to become practical to make babies. Maitree blushes. Saransh is about to kiss her, but Ashish and Nandini come and intervene in their moment.

If Om says marriage is done, then why worry? Sona says she will talk to Pandit to learn the remedy. Nandini and Ashish give them dry fruits and milk. Sona comes there and says Suhaagrat is postponed. Sona tells Maitree that she has to go to the temple tomorrow and meet Pandit there, and Pandit will make them do pooja as restitution for the unlucky events in their marriage. Sona says she has to wear this saree and gifts it to her. Maitree agrees. Sona asks Nandini and Ashish to go to the temple as well to seek blessings for their baby. Nandini asks Maitree to come with her to sleep with her. Sona does not bind them.

In the room, Nandini tells Maitree to ditch the stupid dress Sona gave her in favor of the saree she gives her. She gives her a new saree. Maitree looks on. Nandini says they can enjoy a small picnic tomorrow. Maitree says it’s getting late, and they sleep. The next day, Maitree wakes up. She dresses in a saree given to her by Sona and prays to God. Later, Nandini searches for Maitree. She sees Maitree in the mandir. She asks her why she didn’t wear the saree gifted by HRR.

Maitree says she has new responsibilities, i.e., she is the daughter-in-law of the house, and she is going to the temple for Sona, so she wore Sona’s gifted saree and explained to her how everyone is important to her. Sona hears it and feels happy. Maitree sees Sona and asks her how she looks in her gifted saree. Sona says she is looking good. Maitree apologizes to her for the inconvenience of marriage, and she asks Sona to bless her. Sona blesses her. Maitree leaves. Sona mocks Nandini.

Vasundhara asks her assistant if the drug case files are ready or not. The assistant says they are ready. Vasudhara asks her assistants to file all the cases today. Vasundhara’s brother comes and asks Vasundhara why she is in a hurry to file the case. Vasundhara asks her brother not to tell her how to do her job. Vasundhara says Ashish will be busy with a family function, and he will not know what she submitted in court.

Vasundhara’s brother praises Vasundhara for her plan. Vasundhara asks her brother to prepare lemon tea, as it is Nandini’s favorite. Vasundhara’s brother asks, “Why would Nandini come here?” Vasundhara says Nandini will not have a choice as to when Saransh will go to jail in the drug case. She will prove that Ashish is a partner in crime, and Ashish will go to jail along with Saransh, and Maitree will be broken down because of it. So Nandini will not have a choice but to come here and drink lemon tea.


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