Maitree 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vasundhara hugging Nandini. She tells Nandini that she is not angry with her anymore. Nandini turns away. Maitree tries to go to Vasundhara, but Dinesh stops her and asks her to let them solve it. He asks Maitree to take other people’s blessings too. Ashish asks Nandini to forget everything. Nandini says my mom insulted you, and I can never forget it.

Ashish asks Nandini to forget everything and asks her to accept Vasundhara. Nandini stipulates that she will reconcile with her mother if she apologizes to her husband. Vasundhara says she doesn’t. Nandini says you’re sounding like Lawyer Vasudhara, and I don’t have any interest in her; I just want my mother. She leaves. Ashish tries to stop Nandini, but she doesn’t listen.

Maitree 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ashish tells Vasundhara, “Nandini is stubborn like her.” Vasundhara blames Ashish for Nandini’s behavior. Ashish says you’re misunderstanding me, and he apologizes to her if he ever hurt her. Vasundhara tells him he can never catch up to her standards and mocks his lifestyle. She says he made Nandini a housewife. Ashish says it’s Nandini’s wish, and after hearing your words, I feel you didn’t come to reconcile.

Nandini sees them from afar. Vasundhara says to Ashish that she came to give him a message that he will lose the drug bust case, and she will make sure of his defeat. Vasundhara says she will finish him. Ashish wishes Vasundhara all the best and says he is only trying to make the truth win, and he will do it. Ashish again says all the best to Vasundhara. Vasundhara says, “Let’s meet in court,” and leaves. Ashish feels worried about Vasundhara’s warning.

Later, Maitree gets emotional in her bidaai. Ashish assures Maitree’s parents that they can come to their house whenever they want. Maitree’s mother asks Maitree to fill her in-laws’ house with love and tells her they will miss her. Maitree asks her parents not to cry. Dinesh gives tips for Maitree to lead a beautiful life in her in-laws’ house. Maitree hugs them. Sona tells them they have to take Maitree to their house in the muhurta. They agree and make Maitree sit in the car.

On the way, Vasundhara recalls Ashish’s words that, unlike her, he fights for the truth. She asks her brother to take Ashish’s photo when she proves Saransh is a druggie. He agrees. Maitree arrives at her in-laws’ house. She enters the house after finishing her grahpravesh. Everyone feels happy. Ashish thinks about Vasundhara’s warning. Sona takes the new couple to the mandir.

Nandini stops Ashish and asks why he appears worried. She asks what her mom said to him. Ashish tells her he didn’t get a positive vibe from Vasundhara’s talk. Nandini advises him to ignore her mother as she does. She asks him to smile. Ashish says it’s fine. Sona asks Maitree and Saransh to take God’s blessings. They pray to God. Sona invites everyone to the Muh Dikayi of Maitree, which is going to happen the next day.


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