Maitree 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree asking Saransh to tell her what he’s thinking. Saransh thinks Dinesh will save him if he marries Maitree. He says he wants to marry Maitree because she is caring and loving. He promises to give her a relationship like Nandini and Ashish. Everyone feels happy. Saransh asks Maitree to marry him. Maitree sees Sona. Saransh tells his mom that he will elope with Maitree if she refuses.

Sona says she is with everyone’s decision, and now this marriage will happen. She asks the Pandit to choose the muhurta. Vasundhara and her brother reach Maitree’s wedding venue. Vasundhara thinks Maitree and Ashish made a mistake by separating my daughter from me, and now they will be punished for it. Saransh receives a message from his friend saying that his and Maitree’s visa processing is done and they can fly to London in 24 hours.

Maitree 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sona tells Saransh that they have to break the friendship of Nandini and Maitree after marriage, and Maitree will be your wife and my daughter-in-law. Saransh agrees. The pandit says to Sona that the auspicious time is at 9 p.m. today. Everyone feels happy. Maitree wishes for Vasundhara to attend her marriage so she can reunite with Nandini.

Later in the wedding, Nandini sees Dinesh and his wife doing Gathbandan for Maitree. Her mother doesn’t care about her, so she believes they also did her Gathbandan. Sachin tells Maitree that Rasgullas didn’t come. Maitree’s mother goes to handle it. Vasundhara’s brother asks Vasundhara to call the police.

Maitree’s mother arrives and is overjoyed to see Vasundara. She takes Vasundhara inside and asks Nandini to see who came. Everyone is surprised to see Vasundhara. Everyone welcomes Vasundhara. Vasundhara’s brother asks her if she wants him to call the police.

Vasundhara tells him something that shocks him, and he leaves. Nandini turns to face her mother. Saransh asks Maitree, “Who is she?” Maitree says she is Vasundhara Singh Rathore, the mother of Nandini. Saransh gets tense and wonders if she came to expose him. Nandini wonders if her mother came to stop the marriage.

Vasundhara tells Maitree that she came to forget about the old problems. She congratulates the new couple. Sona asks Pandit to start the wedding. Saransh and Maitree take pheras. Nandini asks Ashish why her mom came. Ashish tells her that Maitree invited her.

Vasundhara’s brother asks Vadundhara what her plan is. Vasundhara says she changed her plan. She thinks Maitree’s parents did kanyadaan to her daughter, and Ashish’s family didn’t get her permission for her daughter’s marriage. She tells her brother that she is not stopping the marriage in order to exact revenge on Maitree. She says Maitree’s life will be spoiled with this marriage. Maitree prays for a good life after marriage.

Saransh thinks he will fly to London with Maitree after his marriage. Pandit declares that the pheras have been completed. He requests that Saransh place the mangal sutra around Maitree’s neck. Saransh applied mangal sutra and then vermilion to Maitree’s mane. Vasundhara thinks the Tiwari family’s happiness will end with this marriage. Pandit declares that his marriage is complete. Vasundhara lavishes the Jewish couple with gifts. Nandini doesn’t like her mom’s presence.


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