Maitree 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Nandini asking Maitree whether her baby will call her Maasi or Chachi. “Maasi,” says Maitree. “No way,” says Nandini. Maitree says you want the baby to call you mommy, so let the baby call me Maasi. Nandini says the deal is done. The doctor says the baby is lucky to have two mothers. Sona and Saransh are about to leave the mandap without listening to anyone. Ashish, Nandini, and Maitree won’t be there.

Sona says to Ashish that Baraat is going to return. They get shocked. Maitree makes Nandini sit on the chair. She apologizes to Sona for her mistake and requests that she does not break the bond they have. Sona says to Maitree that she held up her friendship with Nandini, but she will not be able to become their daughter-in-law. Pandit says he will choose another muhurta. Sona refuses.

Maitree 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Om requests Sona not to stop the wedding. Kusum and Maitree’s parents request that Sona not ruin the kid’s life in her anger. Ashish reminds Sona that Maitree is her choice too and tells her that Maitree saved Nandini and the baby by taking them to the hospital on time, and I know that your anger also has love, and you’re different from others, so rethink your decision.

Sona says I told Nandini to be careful, but she didn’t listen and danced at the function. Ashish says you’re correct but Nandini is wrong, and you can scold her too, but don’t punish Maitree for Nandini’s mistake. Sona looks on. Om asks Sona to forgive Maitree and says the Pandit will choose the new muhurta. Maitree says she wants to know Saransh’s opinion too. Ashish says it’s true. He asks Saransh’s opinion.

Maitree asks Saransh to tell her what’s running through his heart. Sona asks him to tell Ashish that Maitree is sharp, and she still doesn’t trust him. If we get married, she will kill me with her questions, so I don’t want to marry her. Everyone gets shocked. Sona says she is with her son and tells Saransh that she will bring good matches to him. Saransh says he doesn’t have time to marry and tells her that he is leaving for London. Sona is in tears and wonders how he can abandon her as his father did. Saransh says he is not going to marry.

Sona slaps him. Dinesh says he is glad the wedding is stopped, and now I will get you punished. Sona asks Saransh what happened and why he is sweating. Saransh comes out of his imagination. He tells them he wants to marry Maitree and says he has a gut feeling that Maitree will handle him and his family well.

Maitree thinks Saransh is good, and she misunderstands him. Saransh thinks Dinesh will save him from the case, and he will get a beautiful wife too by getting married to Maitree. Vasundhara tells her brother, “Let’s go to enjoy Maitree’s marriage.” Vasundhara’s brother asks if she’s going to witness the arrest of Ashish and Saransh. He says it’s his daydream. Vasundhara tells him she knows how to make her dreams real.


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