Maitree 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Vasundhara presenting evidence against Ashish in Court. Maitree thinks the evidence proves Saransh is the one who does everything, and she decides to inform the Court of Saransh’s truth. She stands up. Vasundhara asks Maitree not to court proceedings in the middle and asks her to sit. Maitree sits. Judge asks Vasundhara if she has any other proof. Dinesh thinks Vasundhara will show the CCTV footage and expose Saransh’s natural face. Vasundhara says no. Dinesh and Maitree look at each other.

Vasundhara Singh Rathore says these proofs are enough to prove Ashish is a supplier of drugs. She asks the Judge in the Court to punish Ashish with life imprisonment for the drug case. Everyone gets shocked. Sona shouts at Vasundhara for trapping Ashish in a false claim. She says she won’t leave her. Ashish and others ask Sona to calm down. Dinesh decides to show the CCTV footage video to Court, which was sent to him by Vasundhara, but he notices it’s deleted.

Maitree 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Judge orders Sona not to create a scene. Ashish signs her to stay calm. Sona sits. Ashish apologizes to the Judge from Sona’s state. Judge forgives her and says he will punish her if she repeats it, and he says the Court is adjourned for 20 minutes, and the hearing will continue after that. Later, Dinesh tells Maitree that he is confused about why Vasundhara didn’t show Saransh’s video in Court. Maitree says Vasundhra wants to take revenge on Ashish by proving him as the culprit. That’s why she conspired with some Netha Ji.

Dinesh says he supported the wrong believing Ashish is a drug dealer. Maitree says the case still didn’t go out of our hands, and if anyone has a link with drugs, i.e., Saransh, and you’re handling this case, your confession can change the subject. Dinesh agrees. Maami steals things from Nandini’s room. Prince catches her mother and asks her not to do it. She thinks about what’s happening in the Court. In Court, Vasundhara calls Dinesh to the witness stand. Sona says he won’t favor Ashish.

Dinesh tries to talk in favor of Ashish, but Vasundhara doesn’t give him a chance. The Judge asks Ashish if he agrees to the accusations. Ashish says he is at home on the engagement day. Vasundhara asks who drove the car that day to the drug’s place. She questions if it’s Saranah. Ashish doesn’t reveal Saransh’s name thinking Sona can’t bear it. Vasundhara thinks Ashish is an emotional fool. Ashish says Saransh is not involved in the case. Om, Kusum, Dinesh, and Maitree get shocked. Sona feels happy. Maitree asks why he is talking in this way.

Judge asks her to sit. Vasundhara asks Ashish to tell who used his car. Ashish says drugs are planted in my car. He asks Judge to give him some time to prove accusations against him are wrong. Vasundhara requests Judge not provide any time for him. Judge says Ashish is a sincere lawyer, and I’m giving him 2days to prove his innocence, and the Court is adjourned till then. Ashish thanks him. The police take Ashish away. Maitree wonders why Ashish didn’t take Saransh’s name.

After the class, Sachin asks Princy why she looks tense. Princy says she dislikes how Vasundhara is trapping Ashish in the wrong case. Sachin says he is helping Maitree to prove Ashish innocent. Prince joins him and sees CCTV footage of the bank opposite Ashish’s house. On the way, Maitree tells her father that Ashish is not taking Saransh’s name and Vasundhara’s aunty will finish his career and reputation if he stays silent.

Dinesh says Ashish needs to think about it, and he can’t forget they are the reason for this phase of his life. Maitree asks him to stop the car near the temple. Maitree ties dhaga to the tree. She vows to Nandini in her heart that she will make sure that Ashish doesn’t go to jail for the crime he didn’t commit.


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