Maitree 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Saransh coming to the wedding venue with Bharat. Nandini calls Maitree, and they see Bharat. Sachin and Dinesh join the groom’s family and dance happily. Nandini couldn’t stop herself from dancing. She accepts Maitree’s invitation and joins Bharat. Sona doesn’t like Nandini’s dancing in her pregnant state. Ashish signs Nandini to dance slowly. Nandini feels uncomfortable, but she doesn’t tell anyone.

Later, Saransh and Maitree’s wedding rituals get started. Pandit asks Maitree’s parents to do the kanyadan. They perform Kanyadan. Nandini falls unconscious. Maitree, seeing this, leaves the marriage ritual. Sona asks Maitree to stop. Everyone feels worried for Nandini. Maitree says to Ashish that they should take Nandini to the hospital.

Maitree 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sona asks Maitree to stop and says she should not leave before the marriage ritual, as it is inauspicious. Maitree doesn’t listen to Sona. Sona also reminds Maitree that their sacred knot is getting loose. The sacred knot gets untied as Maitree leaves and falls on the floor. Sona becomes distressed when she sees the sacred chunri.

Om says he forgot his car keys. Maitree comes there in her scooty, and they rush to the hospital. Maitree and Ashish, and his parents, join Nandini in the hospital. The doctor checks Nandini. Ashish and Maitree ask how Nandini is. The doctor says she is fine. Ashish asks what a baby is. The doctor says they have to do sonography to know the baby’s state. Om asks Ashish to call home and inform everyone that Nandini’s fine.

Dinesh and his wife inform Sona that Ashish called and said Nandini is fine and that they hope the baby is fine as well. Sona says they will be fine, but what about the insult we faced in the mandap because of your daughter, and now muhurta time is about to end? Sachin calls Ashish and asks him to bring Maitree soon. He keeps the phone on speaker. Maitree says Nandini is gaining consciousness. Nandini gains consciousness and apologizes to everyone for tensing them.

Maitree asks her to take a rest. Sachin calls for Maitree to come soon. Ashish asks Maitree to leave and assures her that they will take care of Nandini. Nandini asks why the baby is not moving. She feels worried. Nandini is taken for sonography by the nurse. Maitree’s mother asks Maitree to return. Nandini asks Maitree to stay with her. Maitree says she will return to the mandap once she learns the baby is fine.

Dinesh tells Sona that Nandini and Maitree are best friends, so can we do marriage in another muhurta? Sona says she has a condition. They ask her to tell them. Sona breaks clay pots and asks them to fix them, then she will give them another chance with Maitree. The guests back Sona and accuse Maitree of wrongdoing. Sona, enraged, causes a commotion and scolds Dinesh for supporting his daughter. Sona claims that your daughter harmed my son.

Maitree’s mother requests Sona. Sona asks Saransh if she is wrong. The doctor does sonography on Nandini and tells them the baby is fine. The doctor shows the baby’s image to Nandini and Ashish. They feel happy. Maitree smiles. Sona asks Saramsh if he wants to marry Maitree even after knowing he comes last on Maitree’s list. Saransh tells Sona that he follows her decisions and asks her to make the decision. Sona says she’s already decided to break off the marriage.


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