Maitree 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ashish declaring to Vasundhara that puja won’t happen without Nandini. He asks Maitree about Nandini. Maitree takes Sachin with her and brings out Nandini to the puja. Ashish feels happy seeing Nandini’s eyes open. He says they miss her and asks her to leave the coma soon. Ashish sits in the puja with the baby. He makes Nandini sit beside him.

Maitree thanks Dinesh for bringing Ashish. She asks if he feels Ashish is the head of drugs. Dinesh says there are many hidden faces. He promises her that he will always stand by the truth. Maitree sees the baby keeping his tongue out. She wipes the saliva with her dupatta. Ashish asks Maitree to sit near the baby to make him feel comfortable. Ashish sits beside her. Ashish thanks Maitree for the help. Maitree says they helped him with the baby and Nandini. Pandit asks them to name the baby.

Ashish asks her mom to name the baby. Kusum says Suraj’s name. Vasundhara argues with them and says she will call the baby Samar, which will be on the birth certificate. Ashish pleads with her. Maitree asks them to stop their fight. She tells Vasundhara that she did wrong by changing her surname to Nandini. Vasundhara asks her to stop the lecturer and comes to the point.

Sona realizes Vasundhara is the culprit in the card matter. Maitree says they must keep the name Nandini chose, i.e., Nandish, a combination of Nandini and Ashish. Ashish tells Nandini that he loves her choice. Om, thanks, Maitree, for solving the problem. Pandit says Naam Karan is completed, so everyone blesses the baby. Everyone blesses the baby and takes photos.

Dinesh tells Ashish they must leave as bail time is about to end. Ashish kisses the baby and his wife, Nandini. He takes the blessings of his family. Vasundhara mocks him. Ashish rebukes her, saying he will soon return and take his baby and wife from her house. Later Vasundhara insults Pandit and throws money at pandit. Maitree apologizes to Pandit from Vasundhara’s side. She gives him money. Pandit says it’s not her mistake and leaves.

Maitree asks Vasundhara not to spoil her day. She leaves. Vasundhara says she made an extreme case against Ashish. Then how can Ashish come out on Bail? Vasundhara asks his brother to call Netaji to know how he got Bail. Maitree overhears Vasundhara’s words. Vasundhara’s brother sees Maitree and tries to mislead her. Maitree takes her phone.

At home, Maitree asks Sachin to search the drug dealers list. He asks why she wants. Maitree tells Sachin that she is sure that Vasundhara is colluding with this Netaji to put Ashish in jail, so they need to hack police records to know who’s that Nethaji. Sachin denies helping, but Maitree insists on him, then he agrees to help.

Raj Kumar sees the footage and tells Vasundhara that Ashish will be proven innocent if Judge sees this CCTV footage as Sara,nsh, is the culprit from every angle, not Ashish. Vasundhara says he will know why she is the number one lawyer in the city tomorrow in court. In the court, Vasundhara shows proof against Ashish. Maitree thinks it’s confirmed from this evidence that Saransh is the one who does everything, and she decides to tell the court about Saransh’s truth.


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