Maitree 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Saransh and his family reaching Maitree’s place for haldi. Maitree takes Sona’s blessing. Sona feels happy. “I know you don’t want me to handle the drug case, but understand that Maitree and her father asked me to handle the case, and there is a moment in the case where some traffic signal footage got deleted, and I know it’s a way of Vasundhara, and she uses that footage in the case in her favor,” Ashish says to Saransh.

Saransh feels nervous. Ashish says he can’t let Vasundhara win it, so please let me fight this case, and I’m promising you that I won’t miss your functions. Saransh permits him to fight the case. Ashish feels happy and hugs him. Lady asks Sona why the groom’s and bride’s haldi were held in the same location. Sona says that’s their wish. She says, “Let’s start Haldi.” Nandini says she will apply first, as it’s in their childhood agreement.

Maitree 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sona opposes. The event creates tension. Sona and Nandini argue. Maitree holds their hands and makes them apply haldi to both cheeks at the same time. Kusum praises Maitree. Sona smiles and starts the haldi ritual. Ashish tells Dinesh and Om that he is glad that Maitree is coming to their house and that she can handle Sona and Nandini well. Saransh thinks about Ashish’s words. Sona asks Saransh where he lost.

Saransh says nothing. Sona brings anklets for Maitree. She makes Maitrew wear them and asks them not to go outside until she comes to their house and becomes their bahu. Maitree agrees. Saransh announces to the whole family that he wants to take Maitree to London after the marriage. Nandini questions Saransh about how he can talk about breaking off their friendship before the marriage.

Saransh apologizes to Nandini and says it was his plan from the beginning. Maitree asks what’s running through his mind and why he changed his decision. Saransh smiles and tells everyone that he wants to take Maitree to London for their honeymoon. Everyone feels relaxed. Saransh tells Nandini that he won’t even think of breaking three of their friendships. Saransh requests Maitree’s passport before they go for a bath.

Vasudhara’s brother returns home and tells Vasundhara that he has information about the sherwani guy. He reveals to her that the Sherwani guy is Saransh, who is the brother of Ashish and the would-be husband of Maitree, and that the car Saransh registered is in the name of Ashish. Vasundhara says today is Maitree’s wedding. Ashish makes Saransh get ready.

Nandini makes Maitree ready. Nandini feels uncomfortable. Maitree asks if she is fine. Nandini lies; she is fine and hides her pain. Maitree informs Nandini that they can travel to London during their vacation and requests that she secures it. Nandini teases her. On another side, Ashish tells Saransh that they can go on a mini-trip to Goa once they return from their honeymoon.

Saransh agrees and hugs him. Saransh recalls his plan of shifting to London completely with Maitree before he got exposed, and he took his friend’s help for visa processing. Dinesh and his wife are moved to tears when they see their daughter in a wedding gown. Maitree hugs her parents. She swears she’ll always be their Pari. Nandini gets in tears.

Maitree asks Nandini if she is fine. Nandini claims to have remembered her Vidaai, in which she is separated from her parents. Maitree and her parents say she has them. Nandini says she chooses Saransh for Maitree, and he will be perfect for her. Maitree prays to God to reunite Vasundhara and Nandini in their marriage. Later, Nandini calls Maitree and shows her the Bhaarat. Saransh thinks he is coming to marry Maitree and takes her completely to London.


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