Maitree 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree thinking about Saransh. On the other side, Saransh thinks he has to do something to completely convince Maitreek. Dinesh thinks of Maitree’s tense behavior, and she is asking them if she can back out of the marriage.

He asks his wife to get ready and says they have to go somewhere. Vasundhara’s brother informs Vasundhara that he bought the complete details of Sherwani Boy on a pen drive. He gives it to Vasundhara. Saransh takes a drug dose from a shoe. Sona comes to his room. Saransh manages the situation and asks why she came.

She tells him how much she felt bad when his father joined Sanyas and says she felt very happy when he said he would stay with her after the marriage. Saransh hugs her. He asks what will happen if he denies marrying Maitree. Sona tells him Maitree is so good, and that he is lucky to have Maitree as his wife. Saransh controls his shake. Sona makes him sleep.

Maitree 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Vasundhara’s brother shows her the CCTV footage. She sees Saransh and asks, “Who’s he?” He says they can find it through the number plate. Vasundhara asks her brother to delete the footage from the original source, saying, “I don’t want anyone to have this proof, and I will prove this Sherwani guy is distributing the drugs and prove Netha ji innocent, then Ashish will lose the case and Nethaji and I will be happy.”

Saransh notices his mother is sleeping and sneaks out of the house, taking his car with him. Dinesh and his wife came there in their car. Dinesh calls Ashish to come out. Ashish comes out and asks if he came to talk about the drug case. Dinesh says he came to talk about Maitree.

On another side, Saransh reaches Maitree’s room. Maitree gets surprised to see him and asks why he came. Dinesh asks Ashish if Saransh is good for Maitree. Ashish says Saransh is perfect for Maitree. Saransh tells Maitree that he won’t marry her if she is not sure about him. Maitree asks why he is talking in this way. Saransh says I’m saying these words with a heavy heart, and the fact is, I love you. Maitree goes aside.

Saransh goes to her and says you may think what kind of logic this is, but there’s no logic in love, and I started loving you, so it’s tough for me to tell you, but you can back out if you have doubts, as loving means free, so you have to decide whether you want to marry me or whether you want to break this marriage.

Ashish promises Dinesh that Saransh will take good care of Maitree. “I didn’t trust you before, but now I do,” Maitree says to Saransh. She asks him to promise her that he won’t ever leave her. Dinesh asks Ashish to promise not to let Maitree face any problems in their house. Ashish gives him his word. Dinesh feels happy. Saransh makes a promise to Maitree and tells her that he will never leave her. Maitree asks him to leave, as tomorrow is their haldi. Saransh asks her to give him a goodbye kiss. She refuses and sends him away.


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