Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Maitree asking Saransh if he is drunk. Saransh says he is not drunk and falls unconscious on the swing. Maitree feels bad. Nandini and Ashish perform gracefully on stage. Maitree comes there and thinks about how to tell Ashish and Nandini about Saransh. Nandini thanks Ashish for understanding her.

She says she loves him. She feels the kick of the baby. Ashish asks if she is fine. Nandini says their baby liked their performance. Everyone claps. Sachin asks Sona to tell him who won the competition. Sona says the boys’ team won. Nandini feels pain again in her bump. Maitree signals Ashish and Nandini to come over.

Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Maitree 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Later, Ashish sprinkles water on Saransh’s face. Ashish asks Saransh what happened. Nandini asks Saransh if he got drunk. Saransh admits to Nandini that he got drunk. Everyone gets shocked. Saransh thinks he made a mistake by telling the truth. He says to Ashish that his friends spiked his drink, and Maitree doesn’t know about them because she called them here, but they are drug addicts.

He requests them to forgive him. Ashish asks Maitree if she is convinced by Saransh’s explanation. Maitree looks well-tended. Saranah says he will tell her by swearing at his mother. He leaves. Nandini tells Ashish that they must stop Saransh before Sona Tai discovers his drinking. Saransh swears for his mother and declares that her health will always be his top priority. Sona feels emotional.

Om asks what the need is for sudden swearing. Saransh asks Nandini, Ashish, and Maitree if they want him to tell them. Saransh says it comes up in their talk and says he can never forget his mother until he dies. Sona asks him not to say anything unlucky. He sends Sona home, then tells Ashish, Nandini, and Maitree that they should know what he is talking about while swearing at Sona.

Ashish and Nandini tell Maitree that they trust Saransh and ask Maitree to trust them. Maitree says she trusts them and apologizes to Saransh. She claims she despises drug users because of what happened to her uncle. Saransh says he too hates people who sell and consume drugs. Nandini says they have to leave as there are many arrangements they need to make for Haldi.

Dinesh and his wife discuss how their house will not be a house without Maitree. Maitree hears their conversation. She tells them she won’t marry if they are trying to separate her from the house. Dinesh asks her not to talk that way. Maitree says this is always my house number 1, and that house is going to be my house number 2. They hug each other.

Vasundhara thinks about Maitree’s words. She recalls how Nandini left home to marry Ashish against her wishes. It was shown that Vasundhara slaps Nandini and warns her to never return home. Vasundhara misses Nandini. Maitree thinks she is waiting for Nandini and Vasundhara’s reunion in her marriage. Vasundhara thinks Nandini chooses Ashish over me, so I can never forgive Nandini and Maitree.


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